Jul 22 2005

Tolerance of Islamic Fascists

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There are those on the leftward fringes who demand we try and understand the grievances of the terrorists. To determine what it is we do that makes them want to kill us (see here in update section). But I think we can see what it is that bothers the terrorists quite clearly[hat tip Gay Orbit]

Two gay teenagers were publicly executed in Iran on 19 July 2005 for the ‘crime’ of homosexuality. The youths were hanged in Edalat (Justice) Square in the city of Mashhad, in north east Iran. They were sentenced to death by Court No. 19.

Sadly enough, this is the kind of act the leftward fringes like to imply the republicans are in favor of. Remember Mathew Shepard and how the right supposedly, clandestinely were behind that heinous crime? And yet, the leftward fringes beg America and the West to not impose our values on the ME….

What an upside down world this is.

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