Jun 04 2007

New Day, More al-Qaeda Killed Or Captured

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The Surrendercrats wanted us out of Iraq so we could watch al-Qaeda take over and build up their army of liberation. But we are still there, and each day brings more losses for al-Qaeda’s leaders:

Iraqi soldiers have killed a senior Al-Qaeda leader in a clash inside one of Baghdad’s historic Sunni quarters, military spokesman Brigadier General Qassim Atta said Monday.
“He was from Al-Qaeda, they called him the ‘Governor of Adhamiyah’,” Atta told AFP. “He was killed during clashes with the 11th Division’s first brigade this morning, and 11 of his aides were arrested.”

Adhamiyah is a Sunni enclave in north Baghdad, a cluster of streets around an historic mosque surrounded by a US-built concrete security barriers and hostile Shiite districts roamed by militia fighters.

Atta said the alleged Al-Qaeda chieftain was an Iraqi citizen known as Abu Abdullah al-Adhab — “Abu Abdullah with the crippled arm.”

Abdullah’s death is the second reported killing of an Al-Qaeda street captain since last week, when nationalist insurgents in the Sunni suburb of Amiriyah violently turned against Al-Qaeda’s Islamists.

Block by block, town by town we see a familiar pattern. Locals taking out al-Qaeda AND their local supporters. This weekend it seems there was success across the country in following leads to more leaders:

Coalition Forces detained 14 suspected terrorists in raids Monday morning targeting the al-Qaeda in Iraq senior leader networks in Mosul and Karmah.

Based on information gained from a previous successful operation in Anbar province, Coalition Forces captured a suspected senior terrorist leader in Mosul connected to the al-Qaeda in Iraq network.

Note the tip came from Anbar, the example of what is possible when the locals side with the Iraqi government. The action was up north in Mosul. While there is another round of premature defeat rolling through the SurrenderMedia now that finally all forces are in Iraq (but not pushing out yet), the fact is we do not lose leaders on a daily basis. Yes, we are taking casualties, as we did at the end of every war where we had to go in and clean out the resistence. You don’t win wars by sitting back waiting for the other side to grow tired of rebuilding their forces. You end them (and therefore the killing) by going in and destroying the enemy.

The Surrencercrat’s insane plan to sit back and let the bloodshed build with nothing in return was pure idiocy. If we are going to have deaths, they should sacrificed towards ending the war and destroying al-Qaeda. Not for creating a terrible status quo and letting al-Qaeda build up. That is the difference between in how Bush is thinking and the the thoughts of Surrendercrats like Murtha, Pelosi and Reid.

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  1. thecentercannothold says:

    Got to credit Strata for linking to the NYT piece. Trouble is,
    when the troops “push put” it’s still be whack-a-mole. The
    insurgency will just regroup in another area. Casualties are up
    where the troops ain’t and not off enough to matter where they are.

    And AJ must have missed yet another Iraq Vet officer’s
    assessment yesterday? General Ricardo Sanchez says the
    best than can be hoped for is a “stalemate.” I wonder if he’s
    a “Surrendercrat ” too?