Jul 21 2005

Karl Maher, Vote for Judges

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Karl Maher from Vote for Judges has ‘turned the volume’ down at his site. So he graciously allowed me to post his entry for the Coalition of The Chillin’ here at Strata-Sphere.

In lieu of a link, I’ll venture this comment, which recasts a couple of recent posts at VFJ:

President Bush, over the rest of this term, has the chance to fix a big problem. Bigger than terrorism is today, bigger than welfare reform was yesterday, bigger than Social Security will be tomorrow.

But to fix the problem with the Supreme Court (a problem most conservatives will agree exists and is serious), he’ll have to nominate three judges in the Scalia mold or the Thomas mold (I’m a Thomas guy myself). And have them confirmed. And have them remain in that mold until they retire or die.

That’s a tall order, and we won’t know for 10 or 15 years whether he succeeded. And even at that, we’ll need to elect another conservative president after Bush. And then another.

There are two non-appointment ways to fix the problem: With a new constitution that clarifies where we are today as a nation (a remote possibility); or with a constitutional amendment to impose some Article III accountability (a possibility slightly less remote).

The right-nominee fix is the easiest of the three, and also the least effective over the long term. If any of your readers support the amendment remedy, the petition’s still up at Vote for Judges.

Karl Maher

If you are interested in this idea check out the post here. The petition is top left of the Vote for Judges page.

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