May 08 2007

Islamo Fascist Force Caught In America

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For those Surrendercrat still living in the fantasy world were the Islamo Fascists will not be coming to our shores if we surrender Iraq to Bin Laden we have a serious wake-up call on our hands. An Islamo Fascist attack force has been discovered in America ready to attack our military:

Six men from New Jersey have been arrested in an alleged terror plot against soldiers at Fort Dix, according to law enforcement sources.
Investigators said the men planned to use automatic rifles to enter Fort Dix and kill as many soldiers as they could at the New Jersey military base. Fort Dix was just one of several military and security locations allegedly scouted by this group, authorities said.

The Dukas, believed to be Islamic radicals, are in the United States illegally, while Shnewer is a U.S. citizen born in Jordan, according to the Justice Department.

The U.S. Attorney’s office has told NewsChannel 4 that one of the suspects was born in Turkey and four in the former Yugoslavia. Investigators said most of the suspects have spent several years in the United States.

White House spokesman Tony Snow said Tuesday there is “no direct evidence” that the men have ties to international terrorism.

“They are not charged with being members of an international terrorism organization,” Snow said. “At least at this point, there is no evidence that they received direction from international terror organizations.”

Personally I fail to see the importance of whether these people were taking day-to-day direction from Bin Laden or not. They planned to attack us. Those who dismiss this as a low probability attack fail to see the precedent and inspiration such attacks could provide. We either tolerate some deaths or we have zero tolerance. But one thing is clear – jihadists want to kill us and would come to our shores in droves if they won Iraq. We can pretend this doesn’t matter, but that implies we pretend the deaths they would cause do not matter as well.

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  1. conservativered says:

    Don’t worry the liberals and their friends in the media will tell us that it really is nothing to worry about and it is just more fear mongering by the big bad Right.

  2. scaulen says:

    Ohhh wait let me try….

    Oh man Bu$Hitler is tanking in teh pols dude, so like he grabbed some of teh Albanian spec ops guys and put them up to it, to you know make it look like the world isn’t safe, I mean those army bases are full of army dudes who have guns and stuff so why where they ever in danger????

    This is sooooo easy.

  3. colin says:


    you said “Personally I fail to see the importance of whether these people were taking day-to-day direction from Bin Laden or not. They planned to attack us.”

    While I agree with your overall sentiment, I have to disagree as to whether it matters if these terrorists are part of the network, taking some degree of instruction from aQ, or whether they are part of the movement, directing their own actions, but taking inspiration and examples from the larger network. If this is a movement phenomenon, then it needs to be seen as a domestic aspect of the war, albeit with an overseas component. If it is an atttempted act by a decentralized yet global network, then it becomes an international phenomenon, albeit with an important domestic component.

    I’ve written about this very confusing trend for an intelligence and counterterrorism class I took last semester in grad school, and I see the possibility of the involvement of the wider netowork (often called the “mothership”) as an important, although too often overlooked, possibility when it comes to these “lone wolf” or “aQ-inspired” terror plots. If an experienced terror operative (and considering the importance of the Balkans to the jihadist movement, any of these guys could have been one of the mujhadeen back in the ’90’s, although I’d be keeping an eye out for that Jordanian, Mohammed Shnewer, for any activity in jihadist circles in Afghanistan or Balkans or some other Muj theater of operations) is given marching orders by the big guys back whereever, given access to training materials and some funding, yet is given the disgression to plan and execute an attack on a target of his choosing, this individual becomes, essential a “franchise holder” in a global terrorist conglomerate. He can the use radical mosques or Islamic centers to recruit already-radicalized Muslims into militant jihadists, through mentoring and stories. At that point, and operation can be planned and executed without any trail back to the parent organization, creating the perception of a much broader-based movement, than of a small, extremely decentralized network with a very flat hierarchical structure.

    In short, it becomes important to know if these guys are self-radicalized and planned and tried to execute this out of a bout of “sudden jihadist syndrome”, or whether through very subtle organizational and communications links, this operation was being run by the aQ “mothership”. It shapes how we fight the enemy, and how we understand the enemy.

    Sorry to go on at such length, but this subject, in particular, is kind of my hobby horse.

  4. They’re All Muslims, But……

    Now that much more is known about the six Muslims arrested in New Jersey, the spin from Muslims begins….

  5. Plotting Against Fort Dix: UPDATES BELOW…

    The fact that terrorists would try to lauch such an attack would send a variety of signals, not the least of which would be – hey the WoT is failing and we’re able to hit you anywhere and everywhere. It would be a recruitment bonus for terrorist grou….

  6. BarbaraS says:

    There have been a lot of cases like this one that the media and the government did not report as jihadist: the SUV in North Carolina, the backpack exploding at the Oklahoma stadium, the shooting of Jews in Seattle, and several others. This is something we have to face. They are here and we must be alert and report any suspicious activity like the guy in this news item did. I remember two or three years ago in Georgia, a woman reported three suspicious men. They were reported as getting even by acting like they did. They should have been put in jail. This could have caused other people not to report anything. Which may have been their object.

    The muslims in this country say they are afraid there will be backlash for these incidents. If they reported radical teachings in their mosques and anything suspicious they could eliminate a lot of these probems. I think deep in their hearts they want the jihadists to succeed. They want sharia law in this country. It seems muslims cannot immigrate into a country withouth trying to change that country to their beliefs.