Jul 21 2005

Liberal Hypocrite

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The label Liberal Hypocrite comes from the Department of Redundancy Department, and describes the fact fringe liberals have two standards. One applies to them and is based on the fact they are the salvation of the earth; and ,therefore , they do not need to follow rules, laws or tenants of professional respect. The second set applies to conservatives who are evil and will destroy the earth; and, therefore , they need not be dealt with in a manner that considers rules, laws or professional respect. Mark Coffey has found the perfect example of such a liberal

His entire argument is apparently this:

Well, we knew Ginsburg was for drive-through abortion on demand, the most sacred of all human rights, so she didn’t have to answer any questions – but this is different. This guy’s a conservative, and he might think differently than I do. And that is unacceptable.

Well done, Armando, what a well-reasoned piece of tripe.

I too applaud Armando, for exemplifying the twisted thought processes of the leftward fringes.

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