Apr 27 2007

7/7 Mastermind Caught In Iraq

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One thing that would NOT have occurred under the Democrat Surrender plan (since we would not be in Iraq to do it) is the capture of the mastermind behind the horrific 7/7 attacks in London:

The al-Qaeda leader who is thought to have devised the plan for the July 7 suicide bombings in London and an array of terrorist plots against Britain has been captured by the Americans.

Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi, a former major in Saddam Hussein’s army, was apprehended as he tried to enter Iraq from Iran and was transferred this week to the “high-value detainee programme” at Guantanamo Bay.

Abd al-Hadi, 45, was regarded as one of al-Qaeda’s most experienced, most intelligent and most ruthless commanders. Senior counter-terrorism sources told The Times that he was the man who, in 2003, identified Britain as the key battleground for exporting al-Qaeda’s holy war to Europe.

Note the location from WHICH this animal was entering Iraq – Iran. Anyone doubt Iran doesn’t know when a notorious al Qaeda leader like this is in their country? OK, anyone who is not suffering from terminal BDS? Democrats are such fools. Every success from here on will be viewed as in the context of their full retreat plans. They better save face and move the war funding fast, before they are the political walking dead. I am sure the Europeans are grateful we found this guy!

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  1. Media Lies says:

    If we would just leave Iraq…….

    ….we wouldn’t be violating the rights of Iraqis like Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi.The al-Qaeda leader who is thought to have devised the plan for th……

  2. dennisa says:

    Nonsense. There are no Al Qaeda in Iraq. (sarcasm)

  3. Bill's Bites says:

    2007.04.27 Dem Perfidy // Islamism Delenda Est Roundup …

    See previous: 2007.04.26 Dem Perfidy // Islamism Delenda Est Roundup General Petraeus’s Briefing John Hinderaker General David Petraeus gave a press briefing in Washington this morning. You may have seen news accounts of it; the headline generally was…

  4. Thinking Out Loud: Abd al-Hadi — al Muhajiroun Connection?…

    Pardon my speculation, but as soon as I learned that the Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi was the 7/7 London bombing mastermind, I couldn’t help but think that it was a bit singular that six former al Mujahiroun goons, including Abu Izzadeen……

  5. Soothsayer says:

    Cue the sound of Bush backing off his surge analysis. For the past few weeks, George has been on the stump pimping his Surge:

    April 10, 2007 – And what I’m telling you is, according to David Petraeus, we’re beginning to see some progress toward the mission

    April 20, 2007 – Day by day, block by block, Iraqi and American forces are making incremental gains in Baghdad

    April 20, 2007 – The maps show the dramatic changes taking place in Ramadi . . . the capital of Anbar province.

    April 20, 2007 – Iraq’s leaders have begun meeting their benchmarks

    Now, however, and coincidentally just two days after Congress sends a funding bill for his signature – Bush backpedals abruptly :

    The White House Scales Back Talk of Iraq Progress

    WASHINGTON, April 27 — The Bush administration will not try to assess whether the troop increase in Iraq is producing signs of political progress or greater security until September, and many of Mr. Bush’s top advisers now anticipate that any gains by then will be limited, according to senior administration officials.

    Is that the sound of clucking coming from the chickens in the Oval Office?

  6. Terrye says:


    Bush said a long time ago that it would be the end of summer before we would know ultimately how successful the surge would be.

    I am sure you will be happy to know that there will a lot of people killed in the meantime in the hopes that it will help your side, the terrorist side win. don’t it make you proud, to know the terrorists who target women and children consider your kind to be their allies?

  7. Terrye says:

    Now back to the post at hand we have an Iraqi who was a member of the Saddam regime who works with Osama Bin Laden to kill people and who was picked up coming into Iraq from Iran.

    Quick soothie, he is a murderer and a terrorist and he hates America….he needs you to come to his defence. He is your kind of guy.

  8. Soothsayer says:

    You guys lined up to swill the Kool-Ade should realize a couple of things:

    1. The success stories are mostly lies:

    In a report that deeply contradicts repeated claims from officials that reconstruction in Iraq have seen remarkable progress, a federal oversight agency has found that among eight projects previously touted as sucesses in the rebuilding effort, a remarkable seven are no longer operating as intended.

    While in previous cases, the administration admitted that certain projects had been abandoned due to various security and maintenence issues, this marks the first instance in which projects that had formerly been deemed sucessful were no longer functioning.

    2. Because Bush and Cheney are amoral sociopaths, without a shred of decency, they are more concerned about preserving the fiction of success in Iraq than they are about the lives of our soldiers, and are prepared to delay the day of reckoning, even if that delay results in the deaths of hundreds – or even thousands – more US troops – and the people who continue to support him are aiding and abetting him in betraying the troops.

    2. Sooner or later the lies must end – and when the public finds out the extent of the lying – there will be hell to pay.

    3. Bush’s “legacy” is going to be nothing more than being the worst president in history. Period.

  9. scaulen says:

    Sorry, Jimmy Carter has places 1 through 10 for worst President ever.

    And a quote for you from a great Clint Eastwood movie…

    “Always with the negative waves..”

    Why are you so intent on the US losing this war? I’d really like to hear your reason.

  10. Soothsayer says:

    1. Kelly’s Heroes rules.

    2. We already won the war. In about the first 43 minutes. The justifrication for war was to stop Saddam Hussein and his WMD’s. Mission Accomplished. Job 1 is done; now it’s time for Job 2, getting the troops home alive.

    3. Bush is an incompetent – but don’t take my word, take the word of Gen. William Odom, former U.S. Army 3-star general and Director of the NSA under President Ronald Reagan:

    I am not now nor have I ever been a Democrat or a Republican. Thus, I do not speak for the Democratic Party. I speak for myself, as a non-partisan retired military officer who is a former Director of the National Security Agency.

    In principle, I do not favor Congressional involvement in the execution of U.S. foreign and military policy. I have seen its perverse effects in many cases. The conflict in Iraq is different. Over the past couple of years, the President has let it proceed on automatic pilot, making no corrections in the face of accumulating evidence that his strategy is failing and cannot be rescued.

    Thus, he lets the United States fly further and further into trouble, squandering its influence, money, and blood, facilitating the gains of our enemies. The Congress is the only mechanism we have to fill this vacuum in command judgment.

    To put this in a simple army metaphor, Commander-in-Chief seems to have gone AWOL, that is ‘absent without leave.’neither acts nor talks as though he is in charge.

  11. ivehadit says:

    Any post from the one who thinks that Saddam sits in “heaven” because the evil Bush and Cheney took him out has nothing of importance to say. Period.

    Moving along, George W. Bush will be viewed, not in our lifetime, but in eternity as one of the top five presidents IN OUR HISTORY. At a pivotal time, he kept us on course as the greatest nation in the world.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we are proud in America to behold George W. Bush.

    Let’s be clear: The sorosites do not like America. They want to turn her into Europe. Simply put, they want to steal the soul of America and kill her joy. Sorry, but they won’t succeed as we have faced many and greater enemies than them.

    G_d bless America! Home of the FREE and Land of the BRAVE.

  12. Al-Qaeda operative believed to be mastermind of 7/…

    The Pentagon has announced the capture of Adb al Hadi al Iraqi, considerd as a “top level member of A-Qaeda”,who has been transferred to Guantanamo (Cuba)….

  13. scaulen says:

    Yeah that is a great movie, I have it on DVD and still watch it every time it comes on TV.

    Um, yeah, we went in there for Regime Change, that means we get a government that is US friendly in place. It was just to oust Saddam there would have been no need to invade.

    We can line up Generals on both sides of the aisle and it really won’t mean anything. The only thing that will matter is when all is said and done, is there a US friendly government running Iraq? I can just imagine how crazy every one thought the US was when we rebuilt Japan and Germany, and then allowed them to rule themselves. How did that work out for us?