Apr 24 2007

Top Taliban Commanders Killed, Arrested

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Maybe Harry Reid should be calling for surrender in Afghanistan as well, before we have any chance of success. He better hurry though, the window of opportunity to snag defeat from the jaws of success is closing rapidly:

A Taliban commander was among 16 people killed in Afghanistan, while Afghan and NATO forces surrounded around 200 Taliban fighters in southern Uruzgan province, officials said Tuesday.

Eleven Taliban were killed when Afghan and NATO forces attacked their hideout in the Seuri district of southern Zabul province on Monday night, General Rahmatullah Raoufi, army commander for regional south, told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa.

In another incident, Afghan and NATO forces surrounded around 200 Taliban fighters, including some senior militant commanders, in a village in southern Uruzgan province, Afghan Interior Ministry spokesman Zemarai Bashary said.

A known Taliban commander was arrested in Uruzgan province on Tuesday, an interior ministry statement said. Three vehicles, one of them packed with explosives, were also seized.
Meanwhile, Gul Haqparast, a rebel leader with extensive ties to Hekmatyar Gulbuddin – the former mujahedeen government’s prime minister and currently leader of a rebel group – was killed during a US airstrike in Laghman province on Friday, the US military said Tuesday.

Want to know why winning in Iraq is so important? Compare the ability of the Taliban to fight us versus those in Iraq and it is clear the Iraqi field is tougher. Which means the fighters there are more dangerous and therefore must be beaten at all costs. This simple logic is why the Liberals like Sen Surrender (Reid) are so suicidally wrong.

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