Apr 20 2007

Democrat Doom & Gloom

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The Democrats have really, really screwed up on the Iraq war funding posture. First and foremost recall (a) Congress approved the war in Iraq (many of the Dems did too) and (b) they have passed funding a whole year of continued efforts in Iraq. So with that in mind – what in the world is Hsarry Reid thinking?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Thursday the war in Iraq is “lost,” triggering an angry backlash by Republicans, who said the top Democrat had turned his back on the troops. The bleak assessment – the most pointed yet from Reid – came as the House voted 215-199 to uphold legislation ordering troops out of Iraq next year.

The war is not lost, but the Dems sure are a hopeless lot. If we have lost, why are they funding a whole year more? Why wait until next year? And what did this asses comments do to those who have fought, been injuered and who have lost loved ones – knowing the war is not lost but the dems are playing politics?

I like many feel the media went way too far in overplaying the video of Cho Seung-Hui (I would preferred they only played some of it if it helped move the investigation – not just give the airwaves to the lunatic). The whole country is up in arms about the pain and suffering the media inflicted on the families of those who lost loved ones and the VA Tech community as a whole (not to mention students across this country).

Reid’s comments are JUST as insensitive and hurtful to the military family. He basically said to those people going out each day in Iraq to win this things to give up, its useless. And he boosted the morale of every jihadi on the planet. Bin Laden is smiling ear to ear. Let me remind everyone what I predicted back in February 2006 (long before the supposed down turn in Iraq) the Democrats would do once in power in my Democrat Contract With Al Qaeda:

SEVENTH, in an effort to demonstrate our sincere apologies for the actions of President Bush towards Al Qaeda, we plan to return the State of Iraq to the despot dictator of Al Qaeda’s choice by calling for the immediate withdrawal of our military forces to the safety of European soil. We encourage Al Qaeda to do what they please with the Iraqi people.

The liberal left will die as a political movement if we win in Iraq – just like al Qaeda probably will lose favor to. But if the Dems want to keep al Qaeda a powerful and growing force they could do nothing better than give Iraq up to them. Once the Jihadis have a industrial base, highly educated population and endless iol revenues the world will explode into a culture war that could leave millions dead. The Dems don’t want to fight, they want to cower. They don’t even comprehend what they are doing. They want a country wallowing in loss so they can tell us all why we are rotten to the core and how, through government edict, they will correct our problems. We are not losing the war in Iraq. At worse it is a stalemate, but the truth is more and more of Iraq is under Iraqi control and manageable. And now Anbar Province is manageable.

Yes, al Qaeda is going to go down fighting and killing. But they will fight and kill whether we stay and win or leave and lose. So we might as well stay and win. Reid is pathetic. Stop funding the war and leaving our people to die for a year if that is how you feel Dems. What is wrong with you people?

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  1. kathie says:

    If every time a bomb goes off we are loosers, what must the people of Afghanistan, Thailand, England, Spain, etc think of themselves. It is easy to kill people isn’t it? Stopping killing is much harder. The only loosers here is Reid and his ilk.

  2. jewells45 says:

    I went to his website and sent him a message and called him a traitor and unpatriotic. I told him I wished I lived in Nevada so I could vote him out next election. I think he’s taking alot of heat for this, but seriously, where is our President? This lack of response from him is so disheartening.

    I also agree, I am sick to death of the VA Tech coverage. Don’t get me wrong, my heartfelt condolences and prayers to all the victims and family but lets cool it with the constant constant constant images of that freakazoid and how unhinged. I get it. All the networks are guilty of it, too not just NBC.

    I was watching Fox last night during H&C and this bimbo reporter was interviewing a student who lived in the same dorm as Cho and this idiot went on and on “how do you feel knowing you lived next door to a killer?” “Have you thought what you would have done if he had confronted you”, on and on with stupid inane questions. Enough!!!!