Apr 17 2007

The Mind Of A Murderer

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A glimpse into the mind of Cho Seung-Hui through his writings in ‘creative writing class’ sheds some light on his views and thoughts. First is his one act play called “Richard McBeef” and clearly some negative feelings about Catholics and Entertainers/Hollywood. The seen is a stepfather trying to have a talk with his new stepson John:

(Richard [McBeef – Stepfather]gently rests him [sic] hand on John’s lap)

JOHN: What are you doing?

(John slaps Richard’s hand)

JOHN (cont’d): What are you, a Catholic priest? I will not be molested by an overweight pedophilic stepdad named Dick! Get your hands off me sicko! Damn you, you Catholic priest. Just stop it, Michael Jackson. Let me guess, you have a pet named Dick in Neverland ranch and you want me to go with you to pet him, right?

There is a lot of classic anti-West rhetoric in this one paragraph. Catholics, gays, Pedophiles, Pop Culture – all portrayed as evil and attacking the innocent.

The second one act play pits young kids against a nasty, old man who steals their winnings in a casino. Again the imagery is of kids lost in the evil of society being harassed by the Western White Man whose only purpose in life is to screw the kids. He definitely portrays the classic youthful rebellion against authority figures, but with an evil and violent twist that is fairly shocking. Again, I am not saying he is an Islamic-mad murderer. He rails against authority more than anything else, but he definitely cannot find any good in society outside the young and oppressed.

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  1. sbd says:

    Virginia Tech Killer Part of “paintball jihad”?

    He never made it to Afghanistan to fight for the Taliban, but Kwon — a Northern Virginia engineer who fled the United States nine days after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks said it wasn’t for lack of effort.

    Kwon, 29, a South Korea-born graduate of Virginia Tech who is serving an 11-year prison sentence as a result of his guilty plea last year on federal conspiracy and weapons charges. He has emerged as the prosecution’s star witness in the case against Ali Al-Timimi, an American Islamic scholar charged with recruiting soldiers for the Taliban just five days after Sept. 11.

    Kwon, one of nine men convicted last year in the so-called “paintball jihad” network, told a chilling tale of the birth of an American jihad.

    The holy war was conceived in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., in the dawn of the 21st century and was born at a meeting in his Fairfax, Va. apartment Sept. 16, 2001, when Kwon said he and several companions decided to heed the call of spiritual adviser Al-Timimi and to be trained to join the Taliban.

    The call to holy war took Kwon, who became a U.S. citizen in August 2001, to the mountain training camps of Lashkar-e-Taiba — known as the LET — a group that the U.S. placed on its terrorist list in December 2001.

    Kwon honed his skills with semi-automatic weapons and learned to fire a grenade launcher.

    Kwon, though, said he never was able to join the Taliban. He was simply too late. The border between Afghanistan and Pakistan closed as U.S. forces took control of Afghanistan shortly before Kwon completed his training at the LET camp.

    He said his mentors offered him another option: Go back to the United States and gather information for the mujahadeen, or holy warriors.

    (Excerpt) Read more at pittsburghlive.com …

    “Kwon, 29, is a South Korea-born graduate of Virginia Tech who is serving an 11-year prison sentence as a result of his guilty plea last year on federal conspiracy and weapons charges.”
    It has been reported that the Virginia Tech killer, Cho had the words “ismail ax” written in red across his arm.

    Cho is also from South Korea like Kwon. Kwon graduated from Virginia Tech. Kwon was convicted on weapons charges. Cho had plenty of weapons and ammo. Cho lived with 7 other South Koreans. Cho shared a bedroom with another South Korean. No one living with Cho ever found the weapons or ammo or Everyone living with Cho knew about the weapons and ammo.

    All just a coincidence??