Apr 08 2007

We Can Win Iraq

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We can win Iraq, but everyone needs to be patient and positive and give it time, so says the Washington Post reporting on statements from US and Iraqi and regional officials:

An official in Iraq warned that executing the new approach will take time — perhaps more than Washington is willing to give. “Early signs are very encouraging — huge drop in sectarian killings in Baghdad, return of thousands of refugee families,” he said, speaking on the condition of anonymity so that he could be candid. “But there is no way we can defeat this insurgency by summer. I believe we can begin to turn the tide by then, and have an idea if we are doing it. To defeat it completely is a five-to-10-year project, minimum — and rushing it along to meet a D.C. timeline is rushing to failure.”

What is clear then is those calling for retreat are dooming us all to decades of violence eminating from the Middle East and an emboldened Islamo Fascist movement. There is NO REASON we should pay in blood and lives for some people’s inexcusable inpatience. We authorized this action and the excuse it did not resolve to success quick enough is lame and an insult to all those who died and sacrificed to get us this far. I doubt it is 10 years to see success. I think al Qaeda will crumble fast when it hits its tipping point. But it will not be 2-3 months.

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  1. BarbaraS says:

    People have forgotten the horror of 911. The media has purposely made them forget. They won’t print the pictures of buildings falling down and boddies falling out of the skies because they say it is too gruesome. This is laughable when you consider they have no compunction about printing heads being cut off, our soldiers being shot.

    The media is with the terrorists. Witness they refused to print the Islamic cartoons, they continuously hammer to us that we are losing this war, they print nothing good that has happened, they print nothing brave that our soldiers did, they only print the death count while they themselves encourage the terrorists, they print nothing about the relative peace in some parts of Iraq. You hear nothing about the Kurdish area that almost all peaceful and booming. The left is chockful of communists and socialists who do not like the way our country is. They want us to fail so they can take over. It is a mystery to me how someone who has lived in this country all their lives can want to bring about a new order with less freedom for everyone. How can an American be a communist or a socialist or a fascist?