Apr 06 2007

Hussein Was Not Tied To 9-11, He Was A Risk For Future 9-11s

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Everyone needs get off this obsession that we invaded Iraq because Hussein supposedly had strong ties to 9-11. He was a threat because he had contacts with al Qaeda, applauded their results on 9-11, and was one of the more likely whack-jobs on the planet to go out and fund future 9-11s. That is why he was dangerous. It was not retriution with Hussein, it was trying to safe future risks. Liberals need to prove Hussein would NEVER have provided al Qaeda coverage, training, support or WMDs for FUTURE 9-11s for me to buy their BS. That is why Hussein was deemed a threat – his means and intentions and contacts. He would not allow clear visibility into his weapons AND HIS FUTURE PLANS! Geez, why does the madman Hussien have to be directly tied to 9-11 to be a threat? All he needed was contacts and an interest to build a future alliance with al Qaeda to make them even more successful in killing us. And you know what – he had those in spades.

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  1. Carol_Herman says:

    Okay. we went into Iraq to get rid of Saddam.

    Bush made the mistake of trying to dress this up with the WMD’s. And, the media let him have it!

    You’ll never separate out why it makes sense to do stuff; from the propaganda.

    And, Bush? Will never make sense to most people, since, so far, they don’t see him as the Saud’s Realtor.

    But there were plans.

    In Paul O’Neill’s book: THE PRICE OF LOYALTY. Paul describes 2000. Where Bush is now installed in the presidency; and he is putting his team, together. Paul gets the call from Cheney. And, joins Bush’s government as Treasury Secretary.

    On the table? A huge tax benefit cut that makes no economic sense. But it’s a “promise” Bush made. And, since this involves digits; done electronically, every American, back in 2000. Got a $33 check from uncle sugar. It added up to deficit spending.

    You may loathe Clinton, but he left office with money in the digital register.

    Bush? Squandered it; just as he’s squandered other opportunities.

    When 9/11 happened, again, according to Paul O’Neill’s insider’s account; Bush had already been discussing going into Iraq. To take out Saddam. (NOT A BAD IDEA!)

    Sometimes, when plans jell there’s more than one substance in the bowl. In other words? You start with powder. Add boiling water. Cold water. And, refrigeration. This makes you a cook. Not a bowl of Jell-O.

    While Bush hasn’t been able to put into words the BIG picture.

    It’s emerged now. And, he’s not particularly in charge of the ball. Though it’s his ball to run.

    For some reason, we noticed the yellow-bellied British response to their captured hostages. If you’ve read Ralph Peters, today. In the NY Post. You know he let’s these kid HAVE IT! He didn’t see a bunch of heroes! What he saw was FOR SHAME.

    That’s how it goes when you make moves thinking they are of no consequence.

    But IF you just use this ONE EXAMPLE. Where the Brits got taken. And, the Commander of the Cornwall did not get fired; you begin to recognize (like Patton did, when he complained about Montgomery), that bad generals extend conflict. Increase death tolls. And, are still in charge. Because they get the spotlight on pomp. And, circumstance.

    Hardly matters.

    But the Brits did to Bush, what we just saw played out, again. While Bush had sent Condi to Riyadh, to bolster the Saudi’s claim that they are the head honchos in the Mideast. There’s no accounting for reality.

    The Saud’s are hated. The British also hate Bush. And, set him up, repeatedly. Nothing new.

    While it’s been four years now, since General Franks sliced through Saddam’s army, like a hot knife going through butter. Chalabi was allowed to bring goons ON THE GROUND, during this 3-week offensive. And, it was Chalabi’s goons that were photographed looting Iraq of treasure. Before, Chalabi met the butt kick.

    George Tenet also met the butt kick.

    Judith Miller, who was Chalabi’s ticket onto the front pages of the New Yuk Times, also met the butt kick.

    There’s a lot of butt kicking going on.

    And, you still haven’t heard the truth. While for four years, uncle sugar’s dropped more than ten-billion-dollars into Iraq. To “build infrastructure.” And, ya know what? The contracts were meaningless. We were robbed. And, there’s no court system in iraq to account for the missing money. (Are you surprised, here?) I’m not.

    On the other hand, American Admirals have said out loud, that IF iran decides to kidnap American soldiers or sailors, the response they see will include death to the perps. NOT Tony Baloney’s stripey-pants diplomatic pants steps.

    What the Brit’s lost? Their stiff upper lip.

    What events have wrought? GOOD STUFF!

    It’s like “Disengagement” in Israel’s Gaza. The REASONS weren’t there to include “peace.” Because the sunnis’ are terrorists. Rich ones. Loaded with oil money. And, no form of government worth salvaging. But the Israelis do not want to sit on arabs. No need to do that, when you can just pull away. (Which angered a small segment of the Israeli population.)

    Keep in mind that no matter what you do, somebody’s gonna get angry.

    Maliki, meanwhile, is terrified the donks will win the White House. And, “pull-out” is the kind of word that’s frightened the elected Iraqis to form a “better government.” One that is now cooperating with General Patraeus.

    How deep is the cooperation? Hanging out on a limb, out of view to most of us, is Talibani. Of the Kurds. Who went out of his way to “work” with Iran. And, some Iranian master terrorists were given visas to visit. OOPS. The Americans showed up and took the iranian terrorists “away.” Though Talibani got word to the two top dogs to leave the pile and run home.

    And, Tony Blair? Well, when he called Bush to ask for “halp” … and the release of the iranian “citizens” from iraqi jail. He discovered that Bush plays hardball.

    Not bad.

    We’re in a good position to win.

    It doesn’t look pretty.

    But the Saud’s? Like their gamble on Dubai. They can build what they want. And, later, if they weren’t so phobic about Jews? They could hire Eisner to run their stagnant lagoon. Just like he threw money in the air to build the french Disney. LOSERS.

    But losers don’t necessarily work on the same team.

    They just make decisions that are BAD.

    When they had an assortment of other choices.

    Today? Euro-Disney is still there. So what?

    We’re in Iraq. And, the Iraqis have something to say about the kind of country they’d like to have. And, they know all about the sunnis, too! Half the sunni population is now stuffed between iran, syria, and jordon. To name a few.

    And, only Israel gets pressured to “take arabs back.” In your dreams.

    Oh, up ahead, there will be stories! What motivated Bush; and where we are now, have very little common ground. I expect, ahead, more than one story will be told. You can shake your head. Or not. Doesn’t matter. Everything, once beautiful, grows old.

  2. Terrye says:

    I read that on the day of the bombing of our embassies in Africa, the AlQaida operative responsible called Iraq 60 times. But since the government could not prove they wanted to discuss anything but the weather or whatever, it means nothing. Well I can’t prove Al Capone was behind the St. Valentines Day Massacre but everyone knows he was. He just killed all the people who could testify him.

    Back in ’93 a man names Yasin {who was actually born here in Bloomington In at IU} was the only known fugitive who was involved in the first WTC attack who got away. And he went to Iraq, where he disappeared in March 2003. Terrorists from Zarqawi to Abu Nidal to Carlos the Jackal hung out in Baghdad and as far back as 98 Zawhiri said that good Muslims should kill Americans to avenge the “sons of Iraq”.

    Saddam gave money to suicide bombers and he trained his own terrorists himself and he tolerated terrorists in his country so long as they did not threaten him. He gave them money and training and sanctuary.

    Did he help plan 9/11? There is no evidence that he did, but he did celebrate when those towers fell and he promised more of the same.

    Saddam tried to kill a president and anyone crazy enough to do that was a threat. And nobody doubted that at the time. If the Democrats really thought ol Saddam was harmless, why didn’t they turn him lose years ago? Why go through all that stuff for all those years?

  3. Terrye says:

    And btw, if not for the invasion Libya would have a bomb right now. Kaddafi with a nuke. I don’t think there is evidence tying him to 9/11 either, but what sane person would want to see Kaddafi with a nuclear weapon?

  4. wiley says:

    This story and shoddy reporting of it is getting really tiresome. Once again Post reporters allege things that never happened and assume things only an idiot would. The Bush admin never, ever linked Iraq with 9-11 operations, and acknowlegded that no hard evidence exists on the matter. However, there is hard evidence of several meetings b/w Al Qeada & Iraq. Only a fool would “dismiss” or “discount” Iraqi ties to Al Qeada and other terrorist groups, such as the dems and Post reporters are want to do. Burying our head in the sand led to 9-11 — have the libs & dems forgotten so soon? Or is it being trumped by BDS? Perhaps a bit of both.