Mar 31 2007

The Democrats’ Call To Violence In Iraq Is Working

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Have the Democrats missed the message of the week? Have they not seen the fruits of their efforts? The Democrats passed their limp wristed calls for surrender on the barest of margins and requiring pork ladened bribes. And how did al Qaeda respond? The went on a mass murder spree to keep the pressure on the Dems and America to runaway. Over 500 dead and many more maimed. al Qaeda went on this murder binge because they are LOSING the support of the Muslim street in Iraq. If they were finding increasing support and protection in the face of the Surge they would wait out the Democrats’ insane timeline. But al Qaeda cannot survive until next year, let alone this summer. So in their desperation and ignorance of America, they are increasing the violence in order to try and accelerate Pelosi’s efforts to surrender. That is what the Democrats’ plan have wrought – massive death and destruction. Their success has emboldened al Qaeda and possibly was the impetus behind the Iranian hostage situation. Once the Islamo Fascists smelled success for them coming from the Dems, they went into a high gear killing spree. That is what ignorant policies based on emotion and not thinking bring. Disaster.

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2 Responses to “The Democrats’ Call To Violence In Iraq Is Working”

  1. Terrye says:

    The relationship is symbiotic. The Democrats need the terrorists and I am very much ashamed to say the terrorists need the Democrats.

    Since the Congress passed its Run Away Act the Iranians have grabbed the Brits and AlQaida has killed hundreds. Why stop now?

    I do think that in Iraq as the surge continues there will be fewer overall attacks, however, the enemy might well try to make the attacks more deadly to compensate.

  2. dennisa says:

    Bad news for the U.S. is good news for the Democrats.