Mar 31 2007

Pelosi Playing With Syrian Fire

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There is nothing worse than having the little tin dictators of Congress meeting with those who are allowing fighters and material to flow into Iraq to kill US citizens, and fighters and material to flow into Lebanon to kill Israelis and moderate Lebanese. Pelosi has decided she will go to Syria in direct conflict with the desires and positions of the Bush administrations, which has been isolating Syria to apply pressure on them to halt the death and destruction eminating from their borders.

The leader of the US House of Representatives, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in coming days will visit Syria, a country President George W. Bush has shunned as a state sponsor of terrorism, despite being asked by the administration not to go.

“In our view, it is not the right time to have these sort of high-profile visitors to Syria,” State Department spokesman Sean McCormack told reporters Friday.

Pelosi will not be the first member of Congress in recent months to travel to Syria, but as House speaker she is the most senior.

“This is a country that is a state sponsor of terror, one that is trying to disrupt the Saniora government in Lebanon and one that is allowing foreign fighters to flow into Iraq from its borders,” White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said.

The appeasers are going to Syria to either try and throw their weight around (which won’t work) or offer up future bribes for good behavior. Those are the choices: the carrot or the stick. The one that should worry everyone is the carrot. What will Pelosi promise for something she can wave in Bush’s face? And is Pelosi naive enough to take Syria at their word? Syria would love nothing better than to use the House Speaker to lay into our President. And I get the impression Pelosi is naive enough to play the useful idiot. I could be wrong, but the fact she is not coordinating with the White House is an indication she is playing loose cannon and thrilled to poke Bush in the eye too.

Which is really a poke in the eye to US and Israeli interests. Is the liberal BDS so strong they would risk consorting with the ally of our enemies to get some PR points? Does power corrupt absolutely? Is her silence on the British hostage situation a sign of incompetence, or something worse?

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  1. missvotingforreagan says:

    Talking with the enemy must surely be considered treasonous and worthy of impeachment.

  2. owl says:

    I call it treason when someone is directly meddling in our foreign policy and on their soil. Treason.

    Now is the opportunity to see what the Republicans in the Senate and House call it. Silence? Why?

    Why aren’t every one of you standing in front of a camera calling this a crime? If you can not find the spine to do that……at least you could get out there and explain the seperation of powers and then point out how she is playing politics. The dangerous politics that no one has played since Rocky. You might want to go on and on over that one.

    This is the perfect opportunity for them to fight back and get UGLY. One hundred times more effective than Bush doing it because that looks self serving. The Democrats and their MSM Army wage war without any opposition from the one source that could do some good. The Republican Senate and House must stand up NOW. Not just a couple of you…….ALL of you. You lost your majorities ……NOT Bush. You have as many opportunities to fight as they dish it out. You found out that it did not do you any good to hide and hope it all stuck to Bush.

    Stop buying the MSM’s message. It was not Bush that lost the Senate and House. He did not have the Power and nor can he make the weak Strong. All they have to do is get out there and put Democratic Senate/House names to all of this stuff. Yes, they will have to get Muddy. This sitting on your high horse and holding up your intergrity as a shield will not get it. Fight, darn you……..and start with this treasonous trip by Pelosi.

  3. retire05 says:

    Chamberlain would be proud. And yes, Pelosi is dumb enough to think that she can accomplish what the Administration could not, cooperation from Ass[ad].
    It should be interesting to hear Pelosi come back and tout what she has accomplished, cooperation from Syria, that the Bush administration could not only to wait and see Syria screw her to wall and make her look like the total idiot she is.

  4. Pelosi to Syria (maybe she’ll stay)…

    So, Madame Speaker has decided to take it upon herself to begin new diplomatic relations with Syria. Isn’t that special. Apparently she is leading a “bipartisan” group of 6 Congressmen to Syria to hold talks with the Assad Government….

  5. missvotingforreagan says:

    What if they are taken hostage?

  6. The Sandbox says:

    Pelosi Shuns the British, Prepares Syria Trip…

    This is the middle finger on both hands high in the air as far as I’m concerned. First:Members of the House left Washington on Friday for their two-week spring break without weighing in on the international crisis tormenting the nation’s…

  7. The Macker says:

    The president can’t speak out on everything.

    Much of that responsibility belongs to individual lawmakers. And most of the Republicans in congress are so ineffectual that they just spend their time clinging to office. No lions in that group.

  8. Carol_Herman says:

    Maybe, it’s time to recognize that the American House is nothing but 435 banana republics? Even self-interest is limited district by district. No great unifying whole.

    While what do the average politicians think? Well? They think up of ways to stay in office. (Easier in banana republics, than across this broad landscape.)

    I’d even bet that the donks have given up on ever fielding a president. Since we’re now in a game where there are men who go to the White House. With little merit.

    And, ALL I see is that pelosi fears no one. Because her seat is safe.

    What made her choose syria as a destination? Well? She has Ellison with her. Black. And, he took his oath on a Koran. So, obviously, pelosi is trying to “mother hen” a whole constituency, that fits in nicely with the black one. Which is a mainstay of the donks.

    Meanwhile Bush can’t figure out how to fight himself out of this paper bag. Nor, are most Americans willing to go further into war than we have to, in Iraq. There’s still the reason that Gulf War One didn’t do much for Bush #41. Since he was booted out of office.

    When junior had trouble getting “in,” in 2000. Seems James Baker was called in to “halp.” So we have a presidency in decline.

    And, a congress that’s grown in strength for all the banana republics that aim for the taxpayer’s pocketbooks.

    By the way, Reagan never seemed to want to hurt a fly. But the politicians LIVED IN FEAR! Because Reagan had the power to get everyone’s attention.

    Again, this president doesn’t own that card, either. Maybe, this president should be glad that pelosi is willing to make an ass of herself? Why? Because this way he can go and take a nap.

    No two presidents, even when they’re innept. Are innept in the same way. Like Gerald Ford, this president just wants to be known as “nice.” He may not even be all that nice. But nobody who is IN the White House is talking.

  9. owl says:

    Yeah, that’s the ticket……blame it on Bush. He’s incompetent, doncha know? So that means the Dems were correct all this time and I just didn’t realize it. Maybe their MSM’s Army has been fighting the Good Fight? Oh, yeah…….Feinstein, Levin, Kerry’s UN really SHOULD have the last word. I bet we could all stand up and cheer over that one. Who cares if Bush at least tried to stand up to that entire Anti-American Hater Society? Maybe we should just let the EU do the diplomacy…..all such good friends. Yep……that’s the ticket. Those Dems will offer you more competency. I betcha they are smarter and can manage to get you killed………faster. Anything for competent progress.