Mar 28 2007

Is Upholding The Law A Political Priority?

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A DoJ employee is going to testify that the US Attorney’s let go from their positions were relieved of duties for not following the President’s priorities.

“The distinction between ‘political’ and ‘performance-related’ reasons for removing a United States attorney is, in my view, largely artificial,” said Kyle Sampson.

But if it is shown those priorities were things like enforce immigration laws, enforce other laws widely supported in America – who is going to come out on top of this issue? If he couldn’t tell the difference then maybe it was a problem he had with some laws. Well, we all know the Dems have tendency to pick losing battles…..

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    As a side note, you’re mentioned by Western Hemisphere site:

    Strata-Sphere Blog: Coming to America … Al-Qaeda Style

  2. Jacqui says:

    I laugh when I hear that the 8 fired US Attorneys were dismissed for political reasons. How do you think they got their job to begin with. These are solely political appointments – many referred by senators and congressmen.

    I would like Bush to fire 16 more just to see Schumer and Leahy quiver.

  3. Terrye says:

    Let’s imagine that Al Gore is president {I know I know} and he really wants to concentrate on going after environmental polluters, he makes this plain. He has some Attorneys who have other priorites. So he fires them. As far as they are concerned it is all politics, as far as Gore is concerned it is performance.

    And it is a silly argument anyway. I just love the way they bring in people who have lost their jobs for one reason or another and then just assume that everything these people say is true. Evidence means nothing.

  4. Carol_Herman says:

    Who’yer gonna blame?

    You think the donks are on a roll, here? Hardly.

    So many Americans are just disgusted with politicians. Of every stripe.

    While Bush squandered his opportunities.

    He’s protecting AG Gonazales? Up there with “Brownie.” You don’t need to have an incompetent man protected; while the world seems to be going to hell in a handbasket.

    Plus, you don’t think that Tony Blair will do anything at all for the sailors arrested by Iran.

    You also know the Saudis are “hosting” an arab summit; where they dare THREATEN Israel! Believe it or not! “Take it or leave it” isn’t exactly something that should have warmed Bush’s heart.

    And, he didn’t need to send condi out there, either.

    So, you see the donks in congress “playing” with a weakened bush. TRUE. So what? The White House ran out of spinach juice?

    But got himself INTO this mess!

    At some point, that’s what you have to face. Bush is doing EXACTLY what Jimmy Carter DID! He’s not without a “plan.” He just doesn’t have any plan that’s gonna meet the needs of people. Not Libby. Certainly not the 15 sailors.

    While nobody notices that the price of OIL is UP! Who did that? Ah. Makes the saudis happy, too. And, Bush? Can’t seem to wrap his brain around the idea that this mess is getting worse ON HIS WATCH!

    By the way, the “fired individuals are LAWYERS. They’re not about to tug at America’s heart strings and get any sympathy.

    Two more years.

    And, now we have iranian hostages that we can count. Or not. Most people are just going about their business.

    And, the media? They can’t charge more for their products. Unlike the iranians, who’ve tapped into gold.

  5. Aitch748 says:

    So, let’s see if I understand so far: Eight U.S. attorneys were dismissed, ultimately at the behest of the president. No problem. But supposedly the manner in which they were dismissed was, I don’t know, for vaguely sinister reasons. They were political appointees, but they were dismissed for political reasons, so the BDS Brigade in Congress needs to investigate.

    And apparently they intend to investigate far, far more than just the fabled 3,000 pages of emails, for Schumer has apparently gone and hired, at taxpayer expense, a civilian law firm to help out with the work involved. Apparently the small army of staffers on the Hill just isn’t big enough to take on the job without backup.

    Already they have one woman, apparently as scrupulously clean a person as you will find inside the Beltway, taking the Fifth and refusing to testify because of what happened to Scooter Libby. (Because, in this political climate, telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth doesn’t help you. Just being honest and forthcoming with the investigators can get you prosecuted and convicted for perjury, even if there is no case being investigated. Apparently Valerie Plame actually had nothing whatsoever to do with Libby’s trial because the judge insisted that her status as covert or otherwise could not even be brought up in the trial, so apparently investigators can just go on random fishing expeditions, come up with nothing, and still charge somebody with perjury. So the safest course is to refuse to cooperate with authorities. Farking brilliant.)

    And this is in addition to Congress’s latest attempts to force Bush’s hand and cancel military ops in Iraq (in a way that can plausibly be spun as BUSH’S FAULT so they can avoid responsibility for the disaster that’s sure to happen, unless the Iraqis are further along on the road to self-sufficiency than I dare hope). President Bush promised a swift veto, so now Harry Reid wants to sit on the funding bill for a few weeks, let the deadline get much closer, THEN submit the bill and let the President veto it, so the Dems can crow about how the President is the one responsible for cutting off the troops and canceling the war before the job is done.

    But, well, elections have consequences, and I guess this is what America wanted, right? They wanted Bush and the troops to just drop everything and come home, because 9/11 was a fluke and the War on Terror is just a right-wing fantasy, right? They also wanted Congress to launch a full-scale political war against the White House, right? People voted for this and are even now nodding with satisfaction that what Schumer and his fellow spitemonkeys are doing is exactly what should have been going on all along, right? Sure, if you’re convinced that the country at large is awash in BDS and secretly dreams of impeaching the President.

  6. Carol_Herman says:

    I have the same amount of “sympathy” for bush, that he has for Libby. Not much!

    And, I am amazed at how this doofus falls into problems of his own making! How many times did he pass AG Gonzales in the hallways of the White House? He didn’t notice the man was incompetent?

    Gee. It seems, now, lots of Americans NOTICE that Bush “picks” topics out of a hat. While there are other things he could have worked that would have gone gangbusters. But, of course, NOT. The House of Saud wouldn’t approve.

    As to Tony Blair. And/or Olmert. What you see is that there are lackluster characters out there. But no STAR qualities!

    We’ll keep this charade going, I guess, for another two years?

    It seems at some point, ahead, though, someone is going to notice that the Iraqis want NO PART of the saudis, right now!

    And, you’d think the ooze flowing around gaza; now that the “homies stole the sand” that was holding back the cesspool; would have at least offered comic relief. NO. SUCH. LUCK.

    As to the lawyers that got fired, maybe, they think they’ll do better than Libby. But I doubt it. Just hampsters revolving on a wheel.

    So? What gives?

    Well, how long do you think the captured men and one woman, captured by iran, will stay “housed?”

    Perhaps, they’ll stay in iran for awhile, huh?

    And, the lawyers fired by AG Gonzales, while everyone is search for the “best” reason; it’s possible that politics had something to do with this dumb decision.

    You almost, at this point, have to ask, why? Bush firing people for incompetence, this late in the day, only points out that Bush, himself, isn’t very competent.

    And, just when you thought Jimmy Carter wrote the book NO PRESIDENT would want to follow; you’ve got “Fred Astaire, here” with his pants on. Doing whatever it takes to keep the House of Saud, happy.

    Personally? It’s a good idea to back bush when he fires others for incompetence. But it would have been a hell of a lot nicer, if he had started with Condi! Maybe, then, he’d have gotten Americans to pay attention?

  7. crosspatch says:

    I have it on fairly trusted (by me) that this story is a very accurate description of what happened. If so, then McNulty needs to be tossed under the bus, not Gonzales.

  8. sbd says:

    Issa, U.S. attorney clash on prosecuting smuggling suspects

    By Onell R. Soto

    May 25, 2006

    The document he released Thursday claimed that only 6 percent of 289 smuggling suspects caught by El Cajon-based agents in the 12 months ending in September 2004 were prosecuted, causing low morale among agents.

    Issa won’t say who wrote the memo or why, but said it mirrored the attitude of agents across the country.

    Increase in car smuggling feared amid crackdown
    Associated Press
    Jun. 19, 2006 02:22 PM

    Prosecutors are pursuing smuggling charges against Prieto because he was carrying a child and such a large number of undocumented migrants. But the vast majority of drivers apprehended face no criminal penalty.

    “The thing that causes us difficultly is just volume,” said James Hynes, director of the busy San Ysidro crossing between Tijuana and San Diego. “We’d like to prosecute them all, but the system can’t handle it, so we take the best cases.”

    Tens of thousands of migrants get away with it. Others barely escape alive.

    Lam deserved to get fired. Everyday, smugglers would get caught at the border trying to cross in their car and they would be let go with no charges filed and just do it again. There was even a case where the smuggler was a Marine trying to make some extra money. A lot of them are college students trying to make some money while at SDSU.


  9. lurker9876 says:

    Anyone take in the story about Diane Feinstein’s resignation from MILCON? Along with the spiderweb connections with Presidio’s Tide Foundation, Perini (competitor of Halliburton), et al? Along with Soros buying up Halliburton stocks?

  10. Carol J says:

    Yeah, Lurker…I was going to say that one of the loudest critics of the AG non-scandal (Di Fi on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace), should look in the frigging mirror! Check this out on HotAir:

    This story needs to get out there. Dianne Feinstein not only is a hypocrite, but also a war profiteer…the same as she, her husband, and her accomplices in the House and Senate are. She finally resigned from the subcommittee? She should never have been on it!

    While these greedy and dishonorable politicians take every opportunity to dishonor our troops, they are secretly profiting on fat defense contracts and hiding their involvment in the shoddy treatment our veterans are getting! We need to get MAD…REAL MAD!!

  11. Carol_Herman says:

    Bush’s team is DIM WITTED!

    How did he get, here? Let’s see?

    Bush is accusing some lawyers as “incompetents.” Where did he find this word? Because it hangs about his own neck!

    AG Gonzales. When did you get your FIRST CLUE that Gonzales was way-way-over his head?

    Did you know Gonazales also wanted to be appointed to the Supreme’s? A bit of anger broke out there, when Bush, instead, nominated Harriet Miers.

    ANd, ya know what, else? Per Supreme Conflict, it wasn’t easy talking Miers of stepping aside! This INCOMPETENT thought she’d pass “muster” on the Hill. And, it took Andy Card 3 ATTEMPTS, to talk her into removing her name from the nomination.

    It seems Harriet Miers wasn’t bothered by the prospect that the senate wouldn’t confirm her. (THE WOULDN’T!) Though the donks were salivating at the hearings they were going to hold.

    She kept flubbing, behind the scenes, by the way. It’s why the pressures mounted to pull Miers out of the way.

    And, that’s the way it is in Bush’s White House. Lots of incompetents.

    As to “firing incompetents,” why is bush futzing with lawyers? Condi is right there!

    Okay. So bush won’t slap condi down.

    And, Tony Blair will let the navel crew rot in Iran. (At least he can see pictures of them “eating” healthy foods.) While he “ponders” diplomatic moves.

    And, most of us? Well, the incompetence is NOT awe inspiring.

    Just “dance steps” that get no one, anywhere.

    Each day passes just makes Bush look more and more like Jimmy Carter.

    And, Jimmy Carter PROVED he could remain unattractive even out of office.

    Oh, I guess you can add that Bush is not a happy man! In private? He chews people out. Something that NOTHING in common with doing the right thing.

    Or even tackling the jobs that need to be done.

    You want sympathy for lawyers? Gee. I don’t think so.

    Could care less here about those who got “fired.” And, those who got out of a terrible job situation! Where they can find better places, ahead.

    While condi is about as incompetent as Harriet Miers, no one dares point the truths out to bush. In time? The shrub will learn that Americans can’t stand him! (You didn’t know? You mean you’re unaware that there are republicans DISGUSTED with bush, by now?)

    Guess, again.

    Just as there are democrats DISGUSTED with Jimmy Carter.

    Incompetence. What an equal-opportunity situation we’re being stuck into.

    How will bush measure success? Well, he “might” veto the pork bill, ya know? If James Baker hands him the pen.