Mar 28 2007

“Liberal Scum” Defined

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In the dictionary for the term “Liberal Scum” should be this horrific story. Tormenting the dying and their family is a sin against humanity – in fact it is the antithesis of humanity. We can now accurately and honestly call these people ‘animals’ for their sewage-like behavior. The names, pictures, employment and addresses of these jerks should become public knowledge so they can learn how America feels about their low-life acts.

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One Response to ““Liberal Scum” Defined”

  1. BarbaraS says:

    These people are so full of hate they have zero compassion. It’s all about them and the way they feel about things. Nobody else should have an opinion if it does not jive with theirs. I really wish the right blogs would ban these people. They contribute nothing to the discussion and just cause an uproar. There is one on this site whose way of posting is recognizable on other sites. He/she just changes the name from time to time. I wonder how many there really are. Not as many as they would like us to think because they use multiple names.