Jul 19 2005

Involuntary Bombers?

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John O’Sullivan reports on a theory about the London bombers being dupes and not kamikazee-type martyrs. [Hat tip: RealClearPolitics}. Interesting angles if true, but here are some of the arguments

Here is the evidence: They bought return railway tickets. Their bombs were not strapped to their bodies but carried in knapsacks as if to be left behind on the trains. None of them was heard to shout the customary ”Allah Akhbar” before the bombs exploded. Unusually for suicide bombers, they left identification on their bodies. And surveillance videotapes show them laughing and joking casually — rather than grimly determined or prayerful — as they caught the Underground train.

These little pieces of circumstantial evidence suggest the possibility the bombers were duped. Maybe they were told by their controllers that the bombs were timed to go off five minutes after being detonated rather than immediately. It would not be the first time that al-Qaida had deceived its devotees: Osama bin Laden revealed that not all the 9/11 hijackers were aware that the planes were to be flown into buildings. And the bombers’ ”suicide” would protect the terrorist network against the chance that they might be caught and persuaded to talk.

It could be a blessing for all of us if this were true. At least this is a one time con now that the news is out and anyone wishing to bomb and live is now fore warned. We shall see. It also may just be wishful thinking.

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