Mar 23 2007

Iraq Updates – More Chemical Weapons Found

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Some quick links. First, here is a round up of Coalition activities recently with the tally of people apprehended at 50 and one bomb factory dismantled. Second, here is reporting on how the surge has succeeded in tamping down violence in areas south of Baghdad. Third, here is reporting on how the Iraqis are executing a third of the actions going on and how reconstruction efforts are proceeding. The big news is the discovery of more Chemical caches that would be used for Chemical WMDs. Realize that if we leave Iraq and do not secure and destroy these chemical caches, they could be used against us and Europe later. Dems need to think about the implications of their BDS driven obsession to surrender at any cost. The costs will be very, very high.

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  1. crosspatch says:

    While it would certainly appear that the wheels are falling off the cart for al Qaida in Iraq, I would caution against getting one’s hopes too high too soon. This is still just starting and the current plan will not reach its apex until June. We still have a long way to go and there are certain to be a few setbacks along the way.

    One one hand, this must be a great psychological setback for the terrorists in Iraq who thought they had it “in the bag” with the Democrat election victory in November only to see the opposite happen on the ground. But on the other hand, it would be wise not to get ourselves into that same position by getting our hopes up and making bold statements that might come back to haunt us if, for example, a major series of coordinated mass casualty attacks were to occur. And I don’t mean to say that AJ has made any such statements … just trying to inject a little caution so we don’t get going down that road.

    Yes, the support for the terrorists does seem to be crumbling and the Iraqis are gaining the confidence they need to eject these people from their neighborhoods and villiages, but it isn’t over yet.