Mar 23 2007

Krauthammer Should Quit GOP/Conservatism

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For his incompetence in feeding the liberal media and Democrat PR machine and his clear surrender on the AG issue Charles Krauthammer should resign as being a voice supporting the GOP or conservative causes. Every fight is worth engaging with the Dems, especially these easy ones. The AG issue was a partisan creation for political gain, it was not the fault of the administration. Krauthammer is tired of the battle of ideals – so he should just quit. Don’t call on others to quit. We either stand up to the left or we step aside. Krauthammer has said we should step aside. I therefore call on him to take his own medicine. Enough with quitters. Political battles are inconvenient and draining. Get used to it. He has lost the will to fight, but the administration has not. You can guess where I am standing.

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  1. owl says:

    Wiley…..”like the lefty MSM”…..ouch. Actually I suspect we agree more than disagree but you punched my buttons because the two sentences I chose, I have read them over and over, since Miers.

    You can read almost identical posts and comments on most Republican blogs. I disagree strongly as to our past history and the Cause. Bush could not stop the Gonzales attack machine if he really did walk on water and talk like an angel. Could he be better……oh yes. The Republicans in Congress needed to give their playmates tit for tat to stop it. They could have stopped a lot of it by giving it back. When Dianne Feinstein says “Gonzales should resign”……..they need to put their face on cameras and call for a high ranking Dem to resign or be investigated. They Must come out and get dirty if they intend to ever regain power. It’s too little, too late and their ‘blame Bush because he doesn’t do the magic tongue’ does not cut it with me. I have been ranting this from the first trashing (2001) they sat through silently, during nominee confirmations.

    Miers? One more time. I did not care about Miers. Zit. Two things I did care about. 1)The rule we promoted was that every nominee should get an up and down vote. Some issue voters decided for us all to change the rules. 2)I voted for Bush to make these decisions for me…..some issue voters decided to be the Deciders. This equates to the new Democratic generals that sit in Congress will now micro-manage the war.

    Sorry if you happened to be a stand-in for the new accepted Republican history.