Mar 23 2007

Fighting Continues In Waziristan

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The Foreign Fighters in Waziristan are getting a pounding in battles with local tribesman in now what is turning into a week of battles:

Fierce battles between tribesmen and foreign al-Qaeda militants in northwest Pakistan have left up to 160 people dead, including 130 Uzbeks and Chechens, said a provincial governor on Friday.

The fact so many Usbeks and Chechens are located in one place is a possible indicator they are protecting a high level al Qaeda target. Much more here. Note the Uzbeks do not need to be in Pakistan to get to Afghanistan since Uzbekistan is on Afghanistan’s northern border. So why are they in Pakistan?

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  1. crosspatch says:

    Uzbeks in this context are tribal Uzbeks … ethnic Uzbeks … not Uzbekistan nationals. They make up a cultural minority in the region. They are also a “visible minority” in that Uzbeks are instantly recognizable by the majority Pashtuns. Uzbeks are also one of the major ethic Afghan groups along with Pashtuns, Tajiks, and others. This should be viewed more along the lines of two ethnic groups fighting against each other.