Mar 22 2007

al Qaeda Losing Ground With Iraqis

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The news is all over the blogosphere on how Iraqis in Anbar and Diyala Provinces are uniting against al Qaeda and the other foreign fighters (and possibly foreign trained fighters coming out of Iran). The fact the US news media is even behind the BBC in reporting this just illustrates the depth of their loathing for a US success and their total uselessness in informing Americans of critical events that effect us. It seems the BBC is getting most of the news, as with this story about talks opening up between the Iraqi government and insurgents ready to switch sides and push al Qaeda out of Iraq:

LONDON: A senior Iraqi official has been quoted as saying the government was holding talks with some major insurgent groups that might be nearing a point where a number would join forces against al Qaeda.

Saad Yousif al-Muttalibi, director of international affairs in Iraq’s National Dialogue and Reconciliation Ministry, said the talks were designed to help drive al Qaeda out of the country.

“We’ve already established links and contacts with major insurgent groups,” Muttalibi told the BBC, according to a report on the broadcaster’s Web site.

“One of the aims is to join with them into the fight against al Qaeda. We are almost getting there and to join forces to attack al Qaeda to get them out of Iraq,” he said.

I still say the chemical attacks and suicide bombings of innocent Iraqis by al Qaeda was the last straw. That kind of indiscriminate killing, loved by the Bin Laden’s Butchers, is not what any Iraqi wants as the basis of life after the Butcher Saddam Hussein. They may not like the US, but they want to live and their families to be safe more than they want the US out.

And the round up of al Qaeda is accelerating, clearly as more and more tips are coming in and disclosing the hideouts of the al Qaeda operatives. Here is another story on the Mosul round ups, but one which also notes al Sadr’s militia’s on the target list as well. Baghdad must be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel about now. Watch for attitudes and moods to change as the momentum changes towards our success.

Someone needs to point out to Mad Murtha and Princess Pelosi none of this is possible with our troops twiddling their fingers in Okinawa.

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  1. Terrye says:

    Maybe the Iraqis have decided there has to be abetter way.