Mar 19 2007

Any Republican Who Caves On Gonzales Is A Lost Cause

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I have had it with spineless Reps. I knew my distance from the Republicans was the right choice when they started to bend on harvesting humans for overblown and unproven medical promises. But now they have gone from eating their young to eating those who make them look sort of bad in the media. Which means the Reps no longer act as a counter balance to the media, they are now beholden to them. They screwed up the last Congressional session primarily due to their purity BS (when are people going to realize you cannot diss those you need to form a majority), and now they blame everyone except themsleves and are running scared from the media and Dems. Well grow a spine and, if you are going to lose, lose on principle and standing tall. Even the once venerable Charles Krauthammer said Gonzales should go because things did not go perfectly (of course, “perfect” is left for him to define). I am serious about this. If the Reps cannot muster some spine and back Gonzales (who will be the Dems flypaper – diverting them from serious damage to this country) then there is no reason to back them at all. Grow a spine or whither on the vine.

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  1. Aitch748 says:

    It’s days like these that it almost seems no longer worth it to go visiting many of the Right sites I once visited daily. If I read the comments on about Gonzalez, for example, many if not most of the comments are slams against President Bush, and I’ve barely read RightNation since the Ann Coulter “faggot” thing.

    I hate to say it, but I’m starting to get tired of the Right in general: Too many in Washington won’t fight, and too many online want to fight dirty or want to fight the wrong people.

  2. smh10 says:

    It is a shame that the party finds itself lost to many who have supported them for so long.

    The lack of determination to fight these “manufactured scandals”
    has become tiresome and troubling to say the least.

    We have no voice at the microphone who is willing to put their political future on the line in the interest of truth and until we do I am afraid that support for the Republican party will continue to decline.

  3. PMII says:

    The Democrats are totally useless – the endless witch hunt. But the spineless republicans really aren’t far behind. It’s sad for our country that power is the only thing either cares about.

    Term Limits are starting to look good. Lifeltime politicans should not be tolerated.

  4. erp says:

    Conservatives should rally around our people like Gonzales, although I’d like it better had he been a bit more dynamic. We threw Bolton, Rumsfeld, Rove and others to the wolves when we should have supported them.

    It seems that only time we get het up is to bash our outspoken women, Coulter, Harriet Myers, etc. Sure Ann is a bit vulgar at times, but she’s found it gets her message out there in a way that would be impossible if she used a more demure approach.

    Other conservative women political writers like Mona Charen or Linda Chavez who are refined and ladylike get almost no play in the msm.

    It’s sad that even the Hammer is going soft.

  5. For Enforcement says:

    That’s right and the term limit should be one term. Let everyone not ever have to worry about re-election. I agree on the grow a spine comment. Tell the dems, figuratively, to go to hell. the US A’s serve at the president’s pleasure and when he doesn’t like what they’re doing, or if their hair is the wrong color, fire them and tell Dems to get lost. That’s what the dems would do.

  6. crosspatch says:

    Most of this is going to surround “appearances” and not realities. From over at Captain’s Quarters:

    First, it should be noted that Lam did not get “fired” in any sense; the administration decided not to keep her for another term in office. Lam’s term expired on November 18th, and within a couple of weeks she was told that she would not return for another term. That is not the same thing as “firing” her, expecially not “firing” her in the middle of a term as US Attorney. As such, her departure would not have allowed the administration to use the new Patriot Act mechanism that allowed for interim USAs to avoid the Senate confirmation process; her replacement would not be an interim, mid-term appointment and would have to have received a full confirmation process.

    However, this memo gives the appearance of more than coincidence between her investigation of corruption and the motive to remove her, at least for Kyle Sampson. It could still be coincidental, but it’s getting harder to buy. Why would Sampson escalate the removal of Lam to the White House counsel office a day after she requested the search warrants for Brent Wilkes and Dusty Foggo? Surely, as someone who already had Lam on his short list of non-renewal candidates, he must have watched her performance carefully at the time. Would he have known of the search warrant requests, and if he did, doesn’t that indicate a connection (for Sampson) between that an the escalation of her firing?

    This doesn’t represent an obstruction of justice, because in any event, the search warrants were issued and the two men indicted for corruption, regardless of Sampson’s memo. Not renominating Lam for the office doesn’t indicate a conspiracy to block probes into Republicans; firing her at the time of the request certainly would have made a case for that, but this does not. It does, however, show Sampson as a loose cannon at Justice, and that has implications for Gonzales.

    Personally, I think it unlikely that Sampson knew about the search warrant request. Does someone in DC know about every single search warrant requested by a US-A within 24 hours? Somehow I doubt it. In the end, the investigations went forward and the people were indicted and tried so there was no obstruction of an investigation. But the Dems are going to try to play it up to look like one.

  7. crosspatch says:

    Oops, forgot the link to the article I referenced in the above comment.

  8. dennisa says:

    The Democrats have one abiding principle, and that is to obtain power. You will not appease these people by throwing them raw meat once in awhile.

  9. Soothsayer says:



    You want Republicans to support Gonzales’ perjury before Congress? Gonzales committed a felony when he lied to Congress – by supporting his felony you may risk becoming an accessory after the fact – or part of the ongoing criminal conspiracy.

    A lot of these problems could be avoided if Republicans would just promise to tell the truth when under oath – oh – good point – that’s exactly what they DID do – they swore to tell the truth – and then lied.

    Last I heard, that was perjury.

    Back him if you want – you can send him a CARE package when he shares a cell with I. Lewis Libby.

  10. erp says:

    Sooth. Here’s a quiz for you.

    Q. When is a lie a crime?
    A. When the media say it is.

  11. owl says:

    “Any Republican that caves on Gonzales is a lost cause”

    Yes! This coming from someone that would like to shake Gonzales until his teeth rattles because he has never prosecuted the NSA and secret planes leaks. Why did he not put this front and center and do his job? His job should include inspiring confidence that his office is actively working against Traitors.

    But with all of that said…..there is another group I have grown to dislike more.

    They screwed up the last Congressional session primarily due to their purity BS (when are people going to realize you cannot diss those you need to form a majority), and now they blame everyone except themsleves and are running scared from the media and Dems.

    That’s the group. Senators (#1) and Reps have lost it all because they are spineless. These nitwits do not understand that the MSM has been running this country for some time now. The Dems would have zero power without them. So why doesn’t some brilliant aide bring this bit of info to the Nitwits’ attention? FIGHT DAMN YOU. You have to put several Senators & Reps faces on TV ( somehow…..someway) every day that they are waging these battles. They are fighting and you are wimping. You are the Murtha’s of the GOP. You just wanted to redeploy to safe positions. Nitwits that can’t figure out they have to stage a bigger scene than the Boxers whenever they get a camera shot because they screwed up their previous easy gig.

    As of today…..Gonzales should not only STAY but every one of the Nitwits should be on camera saying it. Rove and Miers should NOT give Leahy the time of day and every one of the Nitwits should be on a camera, saying it. Our Congress has made it difficult to like Republicans.

    Bush could not stop the MSM/Dem by himself. He had to have the Nitwits put their faces on cameras and fight. They just couldn’t be MEAN to their good buddies.

    How many more??? DeLay, Bolton, Rummy? How many more while you sit there and let it happen? How many more???? Libby and gunning for the VP. How many more??? Gonzales and Rove?

    Why have you sat and allowed the MSM/Dems to paint us all as a bunch of scum? How many more lies and distortions are you willing to allow? BTW……..Bush is the only one of you that would get my vote today because one man can not oversee the entire bunch of Nitwits.

  12. smh10 says:

    Owl said:
    “Yes! This coming from someone that would like to shake Gonzales until his teeth rattles because he has never prosecuted the NSA and secret planes leaks. Why did he not put this front and center and do his job? His job should include inspiring confidence that his office is actively working against Traitors. ”

    Amen to that! I think this has been one of the weakest selections the President made both in Gonzales and Ashcroft but that does not mean I wish to see them railroaded out of their positions..especially by the likes of Schumer and Leahy.

  13. Soothsayer says:

    Reports today indicate U.S. Atty. Carol C. Lam was fired in an attempt to shut down investigations into Republican politicians in Southern California.

    Lam notified Washington about search warrants in a Republican corruption case last year. Lam, who brought the case against Randy “Duke” Cunningham, the former Republican congressman from Rancho Santa Fe who pleaded guilty to bribery and income tax evasion and was sentenced to eight years and four months in prison, then turned her sights on two of the former lawmaker’s associates:

    Brent R. Wilkes, a Poway-based defense contractor, and Kyle Dustin “Dusty” Foggo, a top CIA official who abruptly resigned May 8.

    On May 10, Lam sent a notice to the Justice Department saying that there would be two search warrants sent in the case of Dusty Foggo and a defense contractor. The next day, an e-mail went from the Justice Department to the White House, from D. Kyle Sampson, chief of staff to Atty. Gen. Alberto R. Gonzales, to White House Deputy Counsel William Kelley discussing replacing Lam.

    Kind of smells like obstructing justice.

  14. Carol_Herman says:

    It’s NOT up to “any.” It’s up to Bush. He owns the prerogatives.

    And, this cycle of violence against the GOP will pass.

    No blooms actually sprout for the lunatics on the left.

    Yeah. It’s an UNcivil war. But if you go and look, you’ll see that all the left has are lunatics. The extreme “marchers.” They’re not picking up voters. Least of all across most of the USA. That they exist in pockets? Well, DC is one. And, you’ll notice there aren’t too many bonus checks going out to the “hires’ who get the megaphone.

    You might even notice that the media can’t sell didley, anymore. They’ve lost large swaths of the market place.

    And, all Bush has to do is NOTHING.

    He does that quite well. Since he doesn’t even want to step into the limelight. While Schumer and Leaky Leahy fight over flash bulbs.

    Again. If you’re into marketing; you’d know there’s lots of noise. But no new customers.

    And, Bush? He’s gonna do what he feels like doing. Banging on the White House gates is a fruitless activity. Best left for the left’s mad-doner of the ditch. You don’t want that crowd stepping on your lawns, either.

    While, who knows? The GOP isn’t gonna run Bush in 2008. And, at some point? The UNcivil war doesn’t have the geniuses the south once claimed. Their troops? Fade fast as soon as George Soros stops handing them cash. So it’s more like watching vaudeville trying to revive itself. No prince comes by to kiss them out of their slumber.

  15. Jacqui says:

    From LGF – info on how Islamists are posting on forums like this one.

    Quoting LGF “We all know they’re doing it, but this post on a jihadi web site explicitly instructs the Islamic warriors on how to manipulate “weak-minded Americans” and foster anti-war sentiment, by using popular web forums (I’m looking at you, Daily Kos) and video sharing sites like YouTube and LiveLeak to spread propaganda and disinformation.”

    Read the details.

  16. crosspatch says:

    “Kind of smells like obstructing justice.”

    No it doesn’t. The DoJ kept the investigation alive even after that US-A left, the individuals were indicted and convicted as was the San Diego congressman involved. There was no obstruction of justice. That particular US-A was actually not fired, her term expired.

  17. crosspatch says:

    This is what is really going on.

    WASHINGTON — Senator Schumer is coming under criticism from Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee who say Mr. Schumer’s leadership in the investigation of the U.S. attorney firings presents a conflict of interest with his role heading the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee. Senator Specter, a Republican of Pennsylvania, said yesterday that Mr. Schumer had crossed the line, pointing out that a senator caught up in the controversy, Peter Domenici of New Mexico, is a lawmaker Mr. Schumer is aiming to oust in 2008. Mr. Specter, the former chairman of the Judiciary Committee, said he confronted Mr. Schumer about the issue last week and that the New York senator had “taken a very political stance.” “I think that the inquiry by the Judiciary Committee ought to have at least a modicum of objectivity,” Mr. Specter said on “Fox News Sunday.”

  18. AJStrata says:

    You folks who want the NSA and other leaks prosecuted need to wake up to the fact the reason the Dems are making such a big stink IS BECAUSE those cases are coming forward and Dems are trying to set the context that all the investigations are politically motivated.

    The impatience right ALWAYS plays right into the hands of the Dems. Anyone for dumping Gonzales right before these cases come out are guaranteeing they will not be played in the media as they should be – as treasonous acts during a time of war. Gawd the right is easy to manipulate.

  19. momdear1 says:

    Has everyone forgotten Janet Reno’s droppping of charges against prominent and not so prominent Democrats after Clinton fired all the US Attornies? Among those who received “pardons” via dropped charges were Clark Clifford, Jimmy Carter’s Attorney General who was the US liason, legal connection and chief enabler of the Middle Eastern potentates who looted the American Banking system and almost bankrupcted the FDIC Federal Bank Ins. Ppogram? Remember, they had already looted the Savings and Loans causing a $1 truillion bail out by US taxpayers during Reagans Term in office. That was added to “Reagan’s Debt.” One of the first things Clinton announced was that the charges against Clifford were beig dropped because he was “old and sick.”

    Another recipient of Clinton’s “drop the charges against all Democrats under indictment” was Harold Ford Sr. of Tennessee, father of Harold Ford Jr. much touted and loved by the left wing media as “a rising star in the Democrat Party,” and now political analyst for Fox News, who was defeated by Bob Corker in the 2006 Senate race. Ford Sr. was under indictment for Mail Fraud among other things. The whole Ford family, which practically rules the Memphis TN area, is involved in questionable activities which frequently make local headlines is TN but are ignored by the rest of the MSM.

    These are not the only Democrat miscreants wo recieved Presidential pardons via dropped charges by Clinton. The sole purpose of firing all US attorneys at that time was to stop the prosecution of Democrat criminals. And now the Republicans are letting the Dems unload on them big time for the firing of US attorneys who don’t support the the people who hired them. What a bunch of nerds. The whole list of dropped charges by the Clintonista Justice Dept. should be published , published and replublished. So somebody write a book. It’s a guarantee to get you on every TV network with the truth about the double standard.

    Lee Atwater, the great political Guru told us that the public’s memory is about two weeks long. You have to keep reminding people what went on during Carter’s disastrous administration and how he is now in a CYA mode by siding with the terrorists whom he aided and abetted in gaining power and financed their training camps, educated their terrorists leaders in our colleges, and otherwise facilitated their rise to power, while he was in office. And all the time claiming he was a born again Christian. Once peope are reminded of Carter’s past actions, his influence on today’s decisions will be diminished and hopefully he will crawl back into the woodwork with the rest of his indicted and undicted friends .

    Lest anyone think Carter was not in on the looting of the American banks via Middle Eastern Potentates, let me remind you that most of the banks wheich were looted were “first American Bank of ____” and the first First American Bank scandal scandal to gain national attention were owned by Jake Butcher of TN and his brother CJ Butcher. According to people who knew Jake Butcher well, he came from a not so well to do family and one of his first jobs was driving a delivery truck for a heating oil company. Where he got the money to buy a bank is anybody’s guess. However, Jake Butcher was well connected to the Plains GA. Democrats who followed Jimmy Carter to Washington, DC. Bert Lance, Carter’s convicted and jailed budget director , sent his private plane up to TN to fly Jake around to political meetings when he ran for Gov. of TN. So it is obvious that Carter Administration officials were involved in that banking scandal. Yet nobody brings these things up when Carter opens his crap shooter and starts spouting off his anti American, pro terrorists diatribes. After all , the last thing anyone remember hearing about Jimmy Carter was the Clintonistas proclaiming him the greatest living ex president. How many Americans can remember back to the 1970’s when we had 21% inflation, gas lines, and hostages in Iran?

  20. Soothsayer says:

    Can you say “Travelgate”?
    The right wanted to impeach Clinton for firing some slackers at the freakin’ travel office, for cryin’ out loud.

    And if the Republicans haven’t done anything wrong – why do they keep lying about it under oath??