Mar 17 2007

al Qaeda Gassing Children

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When you think al Qaeda has gone as low as humanly possible, they do something so sickening you realize there is no choice but to eliminate their madness from the face of the earth. Gassing children with a chemical bomb made from Chlorine is one of those acts:

wo suicide truck bombers driving tanks filled with chlorine killed at least eight people and 85 were made ill on Friday in the western Iraqi town of Falluja, hospital sources said on Saturday.

The first attack was at the entrance of Amiriyat Falluja, a large housing complex south of Falluja, that killed six people including policemen and making 79 ill, including 27 children.

Don’t kid yourself – these people know their targets. While some on the left seem desensitizes to the point more deaths seem to not even impact them, the rest of us have to remember complacency breads acceptance – that is how al Qaeda began to think they could attack us and win, we stopped responding the heinous crimes against innocents. Some Senators seem more worried poor old KSM may have been handled roughly than worried about all the acts he claims to have done, knowing his death is the answer. If his rough handling caused lives to be saved, then where did we do wrong? That is of coure, IF he was handled roughly. Only fools would take that animal at his word. Seems we have bushels of fools in Congress these days.

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  1. dennisa says:

    These Al Qaeda people are total fanatics, and you must expect them to be capable of anything. Meanwhile, we have demonstrations today in Washington, telling us we must get out of Iraq immediately.

  2. the good doctor says:

    This is what we are facing and the leftist morons are worried about the terrorist constituional rights!!!!!!

  3. Carol_Herman says:

    Oh, yeah. “Demonstrate today.” And, drink green beer.

    I hope we stay in Iraq for a long time to come!

    Besides, very few people really understand the word “pull out.” All it means in Iraq? Is that we go into Kuwait and the other vast swaths of desert. It’s the learning curve.

    While we also have to make it much less tempting to the arabs to bet against Bush.

    At card playing, Bush is good. At giving speeches, alas, he’s not worth calling on in the classroom. Which is why he walked around with “C” grades.

    Does it matter?

    It matters on TV.

    Doesn’t really matter beyond that, because the man is not taking your phone calls.

    Most of Iraq is doing great. Michael Totten is in the Kurd’s province. Says it’s beautiful and peaceful. And, even provided a photograph. If you’d been to Insta Pundit last week, you’d have seen this.

    Meanwhile, without any of our troops in Lebanon. just the fwench are there. They can’t get back to doing business. They’re stuck on nasrallah and his ilk. So, the Mideast is far from perfect.

    Doesn’t mean you can’t run a democracy from there. The Israelis do.

    Yes. Even the Israelis wanted more bang for their buck last summer. Didn’t happen. Because an even larger contingent of Israelis want no part of Lebanon. And, they do not want to go back. NOT. EVEN. AS. TOURISTS.

    How dumb are arabs, generally? They don’t seem to know it’s important to have customers with money.

    Seems that hollyweird just woke up to the sounds of the cash register, registering. But the film was “300.” Made instant millionnaires to the few who thought it was worth a $60-million investment. In Hollyeird, $60-million is bupkis.

    Even nicer for the writer/Director, he didn’t have to deal with stars, and their silly re-writing demands. So the stars just age. And, the best vehicle went elsewhere.

    Can you learn from that? Why not? Look in your garage. See if the American car manufacturers and their unions didn’t beat a great business into the ground.

    Just in case you think its not possible, I’m watching how Hillary is taking hits from the NY Times. It’s a real GUTTER FIGHT. Everybody’s in the gutter, there.

    Oh, yeah. “300” … to get to its blowout sales it found the crowds the media jerks envy having. But they refuse, still, to change their menu. See if I care?