Mar 15 2007

9-11 Mastermind Confesses, But What Impact On Jihad?

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Kahlid Sheik Mohammed has confessed to a series of crimes and potential crimes, the most signficant of which is the 9-11 massacre of 3000 innocent people – including some young children flying with their parents on planes these animals turned into deadly missiles. For his attacks on the US as an enemy of this country I expect him to be sentenced to death, which would be way too lenient in my opinion. Suffering the deaths of 3000 people would be cruel and inhumane, but then again it would fit Islam’s law of “an eye for an eye”.

We need to understand what took place last Saturday when Khalid submitted his formal confession. He was following our legal process for determining his credentials relative to being an enemy combatant. In other words, someone we are at war with. Those who say we have no legal protections or processes need to understand how ridiculous they now look as this animal is brought through a process that simply culminates all his confessions to date which came from his interrogations. For those wondering if we know we are holding enemy combatants, Khalid is the “duh!” example. He helped kill 3000 people on American soil as part of an Islamo Fascist Jihad against the West and America. So says he.

And the Murtha’s and other liberals who want to bring this bloodthirsty lunatic to America (as the Dems close down GITMO) are now exposed as totally naive and foolish. Why would we convey onto this man the rights of ‘alleged criminal’ and give him the constitutional right of being innocent until proven guilty? We do not prove in court what are legitimate military targets during war for the very reason we cannot respond and win wars, while minimizing our own casualties, by proving who is and is not an enemy in courts full of ACLU bloodsucking lawyers (yes folks, they are in practice for the money). Anyone who confuses the two situations is just not worth paying attention to. But Khalid is now getting the formal process where he could fight his designation, but he took the Jihadi high road and admitted to his crimes (transcript here).

I might extend this post if I have time to read it, but what I am really interested in seeing is the impact this will have on the Jihad in Iraq and elsewhere. While Khalid Sheik Mohammed is admitting his deeds, he is doing it shackled and bowed in an American tribunal. The mythos surrounding a 9-11 hero is being rapidly torn away. Khalid did not martyr himself, and if it is learned he turned evidence on others, as I suspect he did, the hero will become the traitor.

With al Qaeda and other Islamo Fascist groups on the run in Iraq and elsewhere, and as the terrorist resort to killing only Muslims, the Jihad could begin to sour quickly on the Arab street. If all al Qaeda does is retreat and kill Muslims in the process then the Arab street will put an end to this war. Of course, it would increase the probability this would happen if the Dems would stop announcing surrender plans every week and giving hope to our enemies. Khalid and Bin Laden have only one hope left to salvage their cause – the Dems can force a surrender of Iraq. Thankfully they cannot as we see them fully funding the war effort. Now if they could just keep quiet for a few months and let desparation seep into the Jihadists, we may see an end to this.

Addendum: Reader Jimbo1 noticed something very interesting in the transcript:

I noticed something on Page 18…he confesses to being behind the Show Bombing operation of TWO planes…….what happened to the second plane? Could it have been the plane that went down over Queens in Nov of 2001?

Is it broken english are a slip of the tongue? BTW, there are two more transcripts worth reading from other detainees of high interest: Abu Faraj al-Libi and Ramzi Bin al-Shibh.

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  1. jimbo1 says:

    I noticed something on Page 18…he confesses to being behind the Show Bombing operation of TWO planes…….what happened to the second plane? Could it have been the plane that went down over Queens in Nov of 2001?

  2. jimbo1 says:


  3. AJStrata says:

    Very good question Jimbo1!

  4. DaleinAtlanta says:

    AJ: I don’t really think any, myself!

    As anyone who has spent even a minimal amount of time in the Middle East can tell you, Arabs in general, and Jihadis in particular, do not deal in reality!

    KSM is a bonified hero in their eyes, and little things like facts, do not get in the way!

    As for the “confessions”!

    I don’t frankly put a lot of stock in them; too “neat”!

    KSM is not stupid; he’s confessing to everything he can, because he’s caught, and so he’s building himself up as much as possible; as the bogey man, the mastermind, and the responsible one!

    Could it be partly true, yes, but it’s also a neat way, to take responsibility for everything, become the martyr by doing so, and thus throw the bloodhounds off any others who may have been involved.

    Also, it allows Bin Laden, to remain above the fray a bit, and be more of the inspirational, spiritual leader type, that they want him to fit into that role!

    Again, why would anyone believe KSM, or any Muslim, in captivity:

    It’s more than acceptable to lie to apostates and Crusaders, according to the dictates of their religion!

  5. AJStrata says:


    Yes, for the masterminds and leaders you are correct. But the street is something different. And one thing will always be true about lying to the unbelievers, those unbelievers now include many Muslims and the street will wonder if they are being lied to. It is the cracked foundation all these cult-like movements are built upon. Only the pure can lead, the rest need to prove their worth and are dispensible. The Arab street HAS begun to wonder why they are dying for al Qaeda’s lost cause. The fact the Sunni’s are now openly fighting al Qaeda in Iraq is a sign that the fault lines exist and are growing.

    The leaders are so obsessed they will not even know the ground has shifted out from under them. I Khalid trying to divert attention? Of course! Is he fooling anyone? We shall see. Is this a morale boost to our side and a deflator to our enemies – yes. How big is my question.

  6. DaleinAtlanta says:

    AJ: I hear you, and I agree to a certain extent; I’m just a bit more cautious, and I’m not totally 100% convinced…..yet….that the isolated and clueless and blinder’s on Jihadi leadership (and you’re right about that too!) is ….totally, split from the man-in-the-street, yet, in Iraq.

    I do agree, it is getting better, especially with at least 16 out of the 21 major tribes in Al Anbar, now fighting Al Qaeda.

    As to you’re last question of “how big”; well, considering that 50% of this country, has collectively lost it’s mind, and is openly rooting for us to fail in Iraq, with the connivance and help of most of the MSM, I don’t think it matters what KSM says!

    It may have more impact, negatively on the Jihadis!

    This was an interesting post from the CT Blog recently:

    Notice this rant from Al Baghdadi recently, complaining of the “media war” against the Jihadis!

    Notice how they’re media and Internet savvy enough, to know about recent Brookings Institute and RAND studies as well!

    They do pay attention, and I think they’re feeling the “heat” so to speak, as this clearly shows!

    But again, I’m not ready to pitch my hammock in the middle of Baghdad, and sip on Corona’s!

  7. AJStrata says:


    Let’s be honest, America is watching Iraq like it is a TV show. We have become so disconnected from reality via the TV fantasies we ebb and fow with the news in the same way we watch sports, etc.

    And here is my point about how things can change. How many times have you watched a game you have been dying to see, only to watch your side fumble and bumble to an incredible deficit. It finally gets to the point you switch it off and go out and do chores, swearing you will not waste time watching those lugheads again.

    And occasionally you sneak a peak late in the fourth quarter to find your team has scraped its way back to a few point deficit, and you can tell the opposition is not doing so well. And you become mesmerized and amazed and rivetted to the game, even more than when you first tuned in.

    And as your team scrapes back and takes the lead, and starts pounding ahead you start truly enjoying it – and you walk away saying that was one of the best damn battles you ever saw.

    America wants to win, they are simply afraid to get their hopes up. But if they do get their hopes up, and we see real changes, then the shift back will be massive, abrupt and will shake the political world to its core. Too many people are out on the ‘doom and gloom’ limb right now. And they will all pay a PERMANENT political price if that happens.

    I know it is possible it will happen. And I am beginning to think it will happen. Soon we will know if it has happened!

  8. kathie says:

    AJ a perfect example of the changing tide, last week Hillary said if she were president she would end this war, yesterday she said there will be troops there for a long time, she doesn’t know haw many.

  9. lurker9876 says:

    But Hillary now says she won’t sent troops back if genocide took place.

    Will she change her mind next week?

    Troop numbers appear to be a problem all along.

  10. dennisa says:

    The one unsurpising aspect of the reaction to Mohammed’s admissions is the insistence on the part of the Bush bashers that the admissions are untrue, or don’t matter. Facts are of no relevance to these people. Yet, they want to run America’s foreign policy.

  11. dennisa says:

    Mrs. Bill Clinton – the empty pants suit.