Mar 12 2007

Murtha’s New Plan: Surrender Guantanamo

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Brain Droppings (a small, upcoming blog that links here often) noted a new Murtha strategy arising from the ashes of his other failed strategies. Apparently since surrendering Iraq seems too hard to pull off Murtha is now attempting to surrender Guantanamo:

“It sets us back in the war on terrorism to be maintaining Guantanamo,” said Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.), who’s heading an investigation of the facility for the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee.

“It will enhance our reputation to close it down and to apply our system of justice to all of these detainees,” he added.

That’s it Mad Murtha, you go fight for the righs of the terrorists. As I predicted last year in my Democrat Contract With Al Qaeda (which outlines all the legislative promises those suicidal liberals would pass to appease al Qaeda) Murtha is working on item number two in the contract:

SECOND, We will enact legislation to release all Al Qaeda members now held in custody in the GITMO Gulag, while providing legal counsel to all who have been unfairly detained during this unfortunate international misunderstanding between Al Qaeda and America. We will ensure all detainees have options for bail and parole so they can continue with their life’s efforts while the legal issues surrounding their detention are worked out. Every ex-detainee will be provided the services of an ACLU lawyer.

Amazing isn’t it? You think I exaggerate? Well, not really:

A Democratic official involved in developing the Guantanamo strategy said the Democrats, who control the new Congress, expect Republicans to object to bringing the detainees onto U.S. soil because their attorneys would surely argue they were entitled to myriad new rights.

The official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said Democrats are planning hearings in April or May to “build a record” that closing Guantanamo would be beneficial and that it would be legal, as well as logistically feasible, to bring its detainees to the United States. The hearings would start with panels of lawyers, some of whom are convinced the plan is workable and some of whom represent detainees now at Guantanamo.

Now who would like to have bloodthirsty terrorists housed at a military base near them? I don’t call him Mad Murtha for nothing.

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  1. dennisa says:

    Why bother having a hearing, if the chairman already expresses his belief that the place should be closed down?

  2. crosspatch says:

    Don’t we have some mothballed subs we could use as brigs at the bottom of the sea? I would say that such a thing would be pretty much escape proof.

  3. Bill's Bites says:

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