Mar 10 2007

Democrats Run Scared From Fox News

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Now this is a great bit of news to return home to – the Democrats have runaway from Fox News (I am sure they are calling it a ‘redeployment’) because they have to take hard questions and confront differing views:

Fox is not a credible news outlet and their deception needs to be stopped. will give you the information and tools you need to hit fox where it hurts. The current video presents the erroneous and slanted stories Fox recently ran about Barack Obama. In response, Obama refused to appear on Fox. Watch the video, then follow Obama’s lead and… Do Something.

Ohh, poor babies! The democrats are running away from news they cannot control throught their brain dead puppet media. And leading the retreat is John Edwards, one term Senate ‘wonder’

You may have heard by now that John Edwards was the first candidate to officially say no to the Fox News debate in Nevada — and because of the hard work of so many grassroots and netroots Democrats, news is breaking tonight that Fox is out.

Folks, face it. the Democrat Party is dead and all we have are the hysterical dead enders too afraid to face a Fox News reporter, let alone a true challenge like al Qaeda and the other Islamo Fascists out there, right now trying to kill us. It is crystal clear to everyone the Dems only skill is in the retreat. When things got tough in Texas the Dems ran out of town instead of facing the will of the voters. When things got tough in Iraq the dems have been trying for two years to runaway to Japan. And now these feckled cowards are running from news reporters. Given their track record why would any American vote these people in to protect and preserve this nation? When they pretend running from hard questions is ‘going to war’ then you know their version of ‘war’ is less confrontational than the old card game by the same name. What a hoot!

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  1. crosspatch says:

    “that’s simply incorrect. everything can be spun.”

    No, you are simply incorrect. Commentary ABOUT the debate after the fact can be spun, but the debate itself stands on its own merits. People watch what the candidates say themselves. They can turn the channel after the debate and not suffer any of the “analysis” which I do after debates anyway no matter what channel they are on.

  2. crosspatch says:

    Oh, and you know what this is *really* telling me? It tells me that the Democrats must be distorting Republican debates and expect Fox to do the same. Basically they are saying that it isn’t “safe” to put Republican debates on CNN or MSNBC because those networks would distort it ot do their best to show how every single candidate was somehow “bad” in their after analysis.

    The person who has the best locks is a thief because a thief thinks like a thief instinctively. A person who wouldn’t consider doing something like that would never have that thought come to mind.

  3. upyernoz says:

    You’re so far entrenched (indoctrinated?) that you seem to be in an alternative reality, which is absent logic and reason.

    and i think the same thing about you, wiley. but i guess that makes us even.

  4. Terrye says:


    No, not even. After all the Republicans are not the ones acting like bad children.

  5. BarbaraS says:

    I said on another site that I think the WH should abolish the WH press corps and let Tony Snow get on Fox every day and tell the country what the WH is doing. That would probably alleviate the spin the press puts on everything the WH does. If the reporters want to know this information they would have to tune into Fox. That would probably blow their heads off. A good thing of and by itself.