Mar 08 2007

Coulter does it again…

Obviously unsatisfied with her second straight slur at CPAC, Ann Coulter is now trivializing murder.

Is this acceptable discourse? I don’t think so.

This is why I find it harder and harder to remain aligned with conservatism. As Michael Medved pointed out, this is not just about civility – although that is important in and of itself. Daily Kos may say “Screw `em” about contractors killed in Iraq. Comments at the Huffington Post can wish that Dick Cheney was killed in a terrorist bombing in Afghanistan. But conservatives are supposed to be above such things.

Not only has she engaged in gutter politics, Ann Coulter has handed NARAL the basis for a major fund-raiser, just as she did with John Edwards at CPAC. Her self-promotion is helping the left raise money for its causes and candidates. Is this conduct that we should reward? I think the answer to that is not only no, but it should be HELL, NO!

As someone who believes that abortion should only be legal in cases of rape, incest, or circumstances in which the mother faces imminent and otherwise unavoidable risk of death or grave bodily harm (the same justification for self-defense), I do not see that goal being any closer as a result of Ann Coulter’s ill-advised comments (and that is being charitable). To the contrary, she has reinforced the worst stereotypes of pro-life activists in the media and pop culture. She has also given those who favor the status quo ample ammunition to raise funds and attack those who seek to end it.

This is not about political correctness. It is primarily about common decency, but also it has become obvious that Ann Coulter’s mouth is something that is helping the opposition far more than it helps us. That can no longer be tolerated when we already have trouble getting anything resembling fair coverage from the media.

If conservatism will not deal with Ann Coulter, then it will leave a lot of decent people. People who vote, I might add.

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  1. radioone says:

    Last week, the media got themselves into quite a lather over Ann Coulter making a joke about Democrat presidential candidate John Edwards. Do you think the same “delicate” press will be as close to offended by a major cable personality suggesting that Republicans “love Ronald Reagan in a way that’s just gay?