Feb 28 2007

Another Dem Iraq-Debacle In The Works

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The Democrats, having retreated in full from their attempts to (1) push non-binding legislation conveying their opposition to try and win in Iraq, (2) failed debates on whether to just defund the war and (3) the to the “slow bleed” (which Murtha a coined, not Reps) strategy – which is a plan to leave our troops high and dry without re-enforcements, have a new plan. Here comes the new revamped version of the “bleed ’em” strategy, which now integrates much of the impotence of plan A – the non-binding resolutions – and Plan C. Thinks of it as a pretend bleed strategy:

House Democratic leaders, defending a plan by Rep. John Murtha, said Tuesday they will press ahead with legislation requiring all U.S. troops be fully equipped, trained and rested before being sent back to Iraq.
Despite rumors that Speaker Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco was backing away from the plan, which Republicans have decried as a “slow bleed” on the war, the speaker said Murtha’s proposal on troop standards would be debated next week in committee and that she hopes to move it quickly to the floor.
The proposal, however, would allow President Bush to waive the rules if he wanted to deploy troops faster or under different standards than allowed by the measure.

This has got to have the liberal left just beside themselves with frustration. We already have readiness policies, training policies, equipment policies – all of which are adjustable in times of need. So Congress is not doing anything here but a pretend feel good act to get some lame headlines and dupe their anti-war followers into thinking they did something. Bush must follow the new rules, unless he feels the situation warrants some short cuts. You would think the Dems would stop why they are so far behind. After week’s of muddled thinking and reversals they come up with some totally vacuous bill about nothing. And of course the liberal media puppets, drooling in admiration, lap it up:

“Our goal will be to raise the bar of accountability on President Bush and the Iraqi government” of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, said Rep. Rahm Emanuel, D-Ill., who chairs the House Democratic caucus.

Pelosi and Emanuel spoke Tuesday evening with reporters after Murtha presented his plan in a closed-door meeting of the House Democrats.

And reporters dutifully, and I suppose with s straight and serious face, reported on this ground breaking nothingness. The Dems are claiming they want to end the war, but this just shows they have no plan, no clue, and no guts. By the way, Americans appreciate those who take some risks to win big – always have. And on the other side of this debate we have the Bush administration and our armed forces making a big push to win this. Rick Moran does a great job of presenting the differences we have here, between the bungling do nothing Dems and the determined, get it done Bush administration. Which path has the most potential for increasing our nagtional security? The Dems do nothing Bill or the push in Baghdad? Americans know the right answer.

Update:: As expected the far left are frustrated and getting fed up with their fickled, gutless Dem Congress. I cannot see the Dems holding the house and Senate if the next two years look like the last two months.

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3 Responses to “Another Dem Iraq-Debacle In The Works”

  1. Nelle says:

    So after retreating in fear from passing a non-binding resolution, they’re blathering about non-binding legislation?
    How bold. And from this churning pack of craven opportunists, they’re hoping we’ll select a “leader” in “08?

    Do they all think that Americans no longer love freedom, courage, and victory in the face of overwhelming odds? Do they think we like having them represent us as cringing, appeasing cowards hoping to hold onto our quiet comfortable padded lives at any cost? Are they so sure that we’ll never see a secular, productive middle east which controls its own radicals for the sake of its own peace and prosperity?

    I predict that the next President will be the one who best encourages and inspires us to see a light at the end of the tunnel, and to stick to our committment in Iraq and Afghanistan, until we bring it to a successful conclusion. Someone not afraid, who can deal with what falls out as we go on shaking things up. Someone who might even go so far as to encourage our young people to enlist in the effort and help secure the future, and our older people to unstintingly honor and reward them for it.
    Therefore, not a Democrat.

    Don’t want to vote for Guiliani, but he’s looking the most American at the moment.

  2. The Macker says:

    ” And reporters dutifully, and I suppose with a straight and serious face, reported on this ground breaking nothingness. ” –

    Nothingness reporting on nothingness.

  3. BarbaraS says:

    Before Bush signs anything the dems put out about the war he had better look it over carefully. They would try to put something in that ultimately ties his hands in some way. The dems are completely untrustworthy. Remember the saying “Beware the Greeks (dems) bearing gifts.” The dems’ stipulation that a soldier could only be sent to Iraq fully, absolutely fully equipped sounds a warning to me since I don’t think the dems care about our soldiers in any way. It sounds like a ploy to bleed the troops through a back door and there could be in this bill some statement that they could parse for their own advantage.