Feb 27 2007

Islamo Fascists Strike Back, The Crazy Left Applauds

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Update: Michelle has much more disgusting behavior from the heartless left, with pictures of the carnage these acts result in to further emphasize the lunacy of the left.

Update: Newsweek has a good “bird’s eye view” of the Afghanistan incident from reporters travelling with the VP. – end update

The Islamo Fascists must have their back up against the wall because they have been on an offensive of sorts in the last few days trying to decapitate some nations – ours included. USAToday has the round up of assassination attempts that span the globe:

The Taliban says it was trying to kill Vice President Dick Cheney when it sent a bomber to blow himself up today at the main U.S. air base in Afghanistan. Cheney was nowhere near the blast, which took place at a checkpoint, but a number of other people — 19 at last count — were killed. “We wanted to target … Cheney,” a Taliban spokesman told Reuters by phone.

Tamil Tiger rebels “slightly injured” the American, German and Italian ambassadors to Indonesia today when they fired mortars at a helicopter that was carrying the envoys to a meeting on development in an area known for separatist violence. AFP says ambassadors from France, Japan and the European Union weren’t wounded in the incident.

Iraq’s Shiite vice president, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, narrowly escaped assassination Monday as a bomb, which may have been hidden in the podium, ripped through a meeting hall that had just been searched with bomb-sniffing dogs. At least 10 people were killed.

Welcome to World War 4, in case you hadn’t noticed it was actaully being waged the last few years since 9-11. Only the naive believed the Islamo Fascists would go easily into obvlivion. That is why Bush and others said on 9/12/01 (and since) this was a generational war, one which would extend well beyond his administration. Some day the world will wake up to the true nature of our peril. But not everyone will.

In an older America, back in the time of JFK, there was a time when an attack on America’s leaders would be seen as an unforgivable act of war. There were many obvious any logical reasons to not allow anyone to think it would be OK to try and kill our leaders – mainly to avoid establishing the practice as a normal event. But the lunatic left long ago abandoned America for their Liberal fanaticism. So when Saddam Hussein tried to assassinate former President George Bush there was barely any outrage in our Congress or our media. The sickness of liberal obessesion has not abated on the left. In fact it has grown to only become like a gangrene, killing off any good life amongst the poisonous rot. Just read some of the ‘thoughts’ of the left on the news of an attack on our country’s Vice President – one of our leaders:

Well gosh (18+ / 0-)
As long as Dick is “safely inside” we can all heave a huge sigh of relief. Big Time’s safety is of utmost importance, of course. To hell with anyone else who died in order to save his pasty hide.
My local news just lead with his safety…as if we were all waiting for that particular news. No, I thought of the young man I know is over there as a medic. I sure hope HE is safe. This time.

should have called [the post] (2+ / 0-)
damn, they missed!

So unnecessary (0 / 0)
Cheney must know that he is a magnet for attack. Unfortunately, other people (U.S. troops and Afghanis) are the collateral damage.

He should go to a permanent undisclosed location, preferably one with iron bars that allows one hour per day of exercise or interaction with others. The other 23 hours should be in solitary confinement so he will have time to think about the death and destruction he’s created.

Good point (13+ / 0-)
I want him to rot in jail not die in a way that could in any way be construed as bravery, honor or decency.

I am sure the leftward fever swamps will be demonstrating their pathetic views all day long on this and many other threads. The thing to remember is this is in the war zone the left supposedly still supports – Afghanistan. Clearly all that support for Afghanistan is a public relations lie, aimed at the American people.

And note how Cheney is at fault, though I do not recall anyone puting a gun to al Qaeda’s head or the Taliban’s head forcing them to kill people. They just do it naturally. Cheney and all of those who travel to the war zones to try and keep the energy up and the momentum forward our brave and should be applauded. They are risking their lives along with our military to win this war. The rantings of the emotionally immature at Daily Kos cannot change that fact. What is most likely true is those brave anonymous keyboard droolers would wet their pants if they had to go into these areas and stand tall.

Let’s end this with a stark reminder of why the lunatic left is not an American movement, but simply the underside of the human existence which we all strive to avoid being in our short time here on Earth. In the event of an attack on any sitting VP, would you good folks respond like this>

Why (0 / 0)
I’m planning to take a shit on his grave when he’s gone.

Will they find “dick” written all over (2+ / 0-)
Cheney’s coffin in 2000 years?
I got my crayons and chisels laid out, Whatever it takes.

That is a sentiment only shared by Islamo Fascists and emotionally stunted liberals.

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18 Responses to “Islamo Fascists Strike Back, The Crazy Left Applauds”

  1. lurker9876 says:

    Heck, Fitz pointed a finger at Cheney during his closing argument.

    The leftwingers still believe a conspiracy brought forth by Cheney against Plame. They still believe Fitz is continuing his investigation against Cheney.

    Lasso/sooth/ken/copperhead had been trying to claim with failure that Cheney lied us into war against Iraq.

  2. dennisa says:

    These people long ago demonstrated that they are nothing but rotten little bums. It’s time to fight back.

  3. Retired Spook says:

    I’m planning to take a shit on his grave when he’s gone.

    In all fairness, that’s exactly the way I feel about Ted Kennedy.

  4. conservativered says:

    I’m planning to take a shit on his grave when he’s gone.

    In all fairness, that’s exactly the way I feel about Ted Kennedy.

    In all fairness I would not wast my shit on Ted “The Swimmer”

  5. Cheney Unhurt in Suicide Attack, Democrats Disappointed…

    Still don’t know if the attack was aimed at Cheney, specifically, but it sure looks like the Left is disappointed their allies missed.
    Judging from these comments at the cesspool known as Democratic Underground, it’s clear we’re not o…

  6. dennisa says:

    These people have become nothing more than a collection of irrational haters. They should be recognized for what they are. We don’t pin medals on the Ku Klux Klan.

  7. Bikerken says:

    Where are ya Soot? I’m expecting you to drop your fang sharpener any minute and comment on how Cheney probably planned this to get sympathy or something pathetically stupid like that. Don’t let me down now!!

    This is a classic case of BDS. I can’t believe how some of the left media is trying to downplay this incident, (By the way, the taliban has specifically said they were targeting Cheney), and act like it was no big deal. You see, according to them Cheney is a chickenhawk and never takes any personal risk, he just sends young men off to die for oil. The fact that he would go into a war zone flies in the face of him being a coward so they have to act like he was never in danger to begin with. Look at the comments on the daily Kos right now and you see the lefts true colors. Rabid, hateful, deranged facists. We should collect some of those old,”Mean people suck” stickers and slap them over their filthy mouths.

  8. Bikerken says:

    Correction to my previous post, I said daily Kos, I meant Huffington post. I don’t want to attribute anything to Kos that isn’t true, even though that would be right up their alley. I am hearing now on Rush’s show that they have taken the comments down from Huffingtons post. I had heard earlier on the radio that they had the same thing on Kos but I don’t see anything there now. I wonder if they took the thread down too?

  9. The Macker says:

    ” They should be recognized for what they are. ” –
    Indeed! And they are the enemy within.

  10. crosspatch says:

    Something the Democrats aren’t fully appreciating … every month several thousand more people volunteer for our military services. These volunteers talk to their friends and families. Every month, thousands more families get to hear a different side of the story first hand. That is probably why Hillary is so adamant in demanding that we pull out before Bush leaves office. Every time the Democrats open their mouths, it makes for a few thousand more Republican voters.

    Imagine you are a young service member in Iraq and you are seeing a completely different story than the one being portrayed back home. When they say horrible things about our leadership and about the troops themselves, how do you think those young people are going to vote? In FY 2006 the Army alone recruited 80,635 people. I would venture that the Democrats have done a pretty good job of alienating 80,635 young voters.

  11. crosspatch says:

    Just a note from this site.

    Army Recruiting Goals and Actual:

    FY2003: Goal 73,800 – Actual 74,123
    FY2004: Goal 77,000 – Actual 77,587
    FY2005: Goal 80,000 – Actual 73,737
    Fy2006: Goal 80,000 – Actual 80,635

    Note that those are only for ACTIVE Army, not reserves, the total recruitment averages out to about 100,000 per year. So we are talking about 400,000 individuals who have been given the dirty end of the stick from our media and the Democrats over the past four years.

  12. 9 other PERFECTLY GOOD REASONS that the assassination attempt on Dick Cheney was justified (a Huffington Post tribute post)…

    Not that we're advocating violence, but let's face it: Cheney once shot a guy in the face just for making fun of his orange hunting vest Sure, violence is wrong. But sometimes to make an omelet, you have to KILL WARMONGERING FASCIST DRAFT DOD…

  13. Suicide Bombing During Cheney Visit…

    The nutroots must be despondent this morning….

  14. The Macker says:

    I’m all for free ducation, but what we see on the Left is a snarky glibness that passes for cleverness and not a few that have been “educated” beyond their capacity.

  15. conservativered says:

    Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil.

    C. S. Lewis

  16. Terrye says:

    These people have no shame. Some of the most loyal Democrats I know are older people and a lot of them do not read that crap, if they did they might think twice about voting for the Democrats.

  17. crosspatch says:

    Also, beware if the “kids killed at Iraqi soccer field” story from Ramadi. It might not be true. The MNF-I conducted a “controlled detonation” that apparently got out of control. 30 wounded, none killed.


  18. lurker9876 says:

    News On the Surge From a Family in Baghdad

    Source other than Iraq the Model.