Jul 17 2005

Blogs Targets of Terrorist Fatwas?

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This is disturbing. I first saw it mentioned at Jawa Report but it was not presented seriously (which is not a hit on Rusty, I just did not think to read into it too far). Then I saw it at Evolutions and it became clear this is serious. The Anarchangel is apparently the target of a Fatwa (or hit if you want translate it from Islamic Fascist to Godfatherese).

A Fatwah has been issued against me by a known terror group. Corresponding groups have responded indicating that I will be eliminated shortly.

They have my name, address, telephone numbers, and the names and addresses of my friends and loved ones.

The FBI has been unable to tell me of any actionable threat, however they beleive that the threat is real. They have warned me to take the standard anti-terrorist precautions, suitable for Bogota or South Africa not Phoenix.

They are also contacting the people on the list that was distributed, including my mother, my stepfather and step siblings, and the people who worked on Team Infidel with me.

The thousands of hits I’ve been recieving from the JP domains with blocked referred information are anonymizer proxies used to hide the identities of those viewing my site.

As my resume is public information, my employers or former employers may also be targeted.
There is concern that staff at my former employers has fed them my personal and private information as well.

Well Anarchangel I am here to stand by you, let me know if there is something I can do. Not sure there is anything I can do. But no Fatwa is going to be exercised in this country against one of us if I have any say in it.

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  1. patch says:

    This isn’t Holland where people threatened by the Islamofascists have to guarded in a prison. Here, the first reaction is “Do I need more ammo?”

  2. AJStrata says:

    Yeah, My thought was do you want to borrow mine, and where can I set up a gaurd post outside?