Feb 20 2007

The “Life’s Too Hard” Whine

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Ed Koch nails the left in this country for crying about how hard life is, when in fact they have nothing hard to deal with except the fact their policies are out of date and universally panned as failures. So what do they do? They complain for those who are living challenging and dangerous lives, even though these good people have nothing in common with the defeatists in our country. Read up on Koch’s worrisome conclusions about where this country has come since WW II. A snippet:

We have come to expect that wars can be fought without casualties, even the relatively modest casualties we have suffered in Iraq. During World War Two, more Americans were killed or wounded on Iwo Jima in one month than have fallen in Iraq in almost four years. Of course, every military death and severe injury is a tragedy. Nevertheless, former Secretary of State Colin Powell has said that our army in Iraq is “about broken,” which appalled and frightened me.

This is not a universal truth inside our military. In fact, just the opposite. They believe, if their hands were untied, they could make a huge impact in Iraq. And now Bush has given them a chance to prove it. But don’t believe all the nail biters sitting in their plush chairs here in the US. I know, sitting in a plush chair myself (OK – it ain’t that plush but given the conditions in Iraq it is luxury), that a lot is possible. Defeat is the loss of will, not the end of possibilities. And our armed forces are far from being out of ideas or options. What they deserve is some unconditional support and confidence they can pull this out.

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    I was wondering when Lass was gonna bring up the “it’s all about oil” argument.

    Sure dude we spent billions fighting a war over oil to get 1.95 a drum off the market price.

    Do the math how many drums will that take for payback and how many years consumption will be needed.

  2. MerlinOS2 says:


    You are so droll and physiologically incomplete it mesmerizes.

    Even if we got oil free, no cost , nada , zero , zip from the mideast it would take a bunch of time for us to recover our expense.

  3. lassoingtruth says:

    I never said it was all about oil. As Ray McGovern says, it’s
    about oil, Israel and Empire. And of course Bush did not anticipate
    the insurgency cutting off oil supplies but perhaps he did anticipate
    gullibles like you not noticing.