Feb 20 2007

24 Season 6, 3:00 to 4:00 PM Open Thread

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Last night’s episode seemed to be ‘let’s explore everyone’s personal demons’ night. Maurice O’Brian’s drinking problem seems to be one of those strange side bars to Jack’s family issues with a murderous father – or something like that. Anyway, it was interesting to see the Homeland Security Secretary finally turn around and try and protect the President. I find only extremists who have no hope or desire for a top level government job would seriously consider assassinating a President. Oh, and those in Hollywood of course. There are power plays in DC, but you have seen under the Bush regime administration the epitome of most insurgencies.

The other thing that seems strange is this whole motivation for Jack;s father. As Jack pointed out there nothing left for his father regain, but somehow he still seems to be trying to do something, and is willing to kill to get it done. I did find the point where Jack’s dad called himself a patriot and tried to smear Jack as a meager ‘civil servant’ another one of those ridiculous Hollywood caricatures. The Captain of Industry slams the poor government employee. When we all know the true Patriot is the government employee (at least in this extreme case). The number of clumsy subliminal messages this season is sort of distracting from the show. We got the picture: greedy businessman willing to kill others for his empire why the lowly underpayed civil servant risk life and limb (and tortures and kills others) to protect the country.

And why are the Russian nationalists being targetted so heavily, as the puppet masters of the Arabs? Where did that come from? The Islamo Fascists (not the “Arabs”) hate both Russia and the US to some degree. Clearly the hate towards us is stronger. And there may be some rogue agents from the West helping the Islamo Fascists in hopes of personal gain, but I would assume they could come from any country. Not sure the Russian angle is going to work – but then again maybe Hollywood is just trying to play off the media stories again.

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  1. TomAnon says:

    Logan returns… Least with the beard he does not look so much like Nixon.

    Seems there are 5 priority targets in LA for the remaining three nukes that will promote Russian Nationalistic goals. I just do not see it. Maybe they want to blow up Long Beach and stick it to the ChiComs.

  2. lassoingtruth says:

    Hollywood loves Khodorevsky and Berezovsky, bet on it.