Feb 19 2007

24 Season 6, 1:00 to 3:00 PM Open Thread

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I am remiss on posting on the two hour 24 last week. Needless to say it was a relief to get two hours in verses the normal one hour. I found one line just too ridiculous to believe, which was when the President threatened Assad that if one more nuke goes off in the US then there will be hell to pay. A little bit of Hollywood ignorance on that one. I would doubt we would sit by if even one nuke went off, but this ‘one more and we’re going to get serious’ crap is a little much.

I also find another Hollywood fantasy running wild in the story line: the overthrow of the President by the right wing. We all know the left has dreamt about a coup d’etat with Bush for over six years now, so it is a little silly to think of the right as the ones obsessed and out of control. I mean, who keeps trying to surrender to al Qaeda in Iraq? Not the right. In fact, the story line is somewhat out of whack because all the old Hollywood canards are just not believable anymore. But I still like the show, though this season is not as good as others, it is still better than most shows on TV

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  1. TomAnon says:

    I look back on this episode and continue to wonder why they let Jack’s father just walk out of CTU. It just totally blows credibility that a suspected/admitted conspirator to the assasination of a former President just walks right on out the door.