Jul 17 2005

2006 Senate Predict Update

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Alexander McClure at Polipundit has some recent updates in the MI senate race which supports my prediction the Reps will have a historical increase of +3 seats in 2006. From his link on the MI race

U.S. Rep. Mark Kennedy raised $758,410 for his Senate campaign during the second quarter, ahead of either of his Democratic rivals.

Kennedy has raised more than $1.3 million for the race and has $965,648 on hand, his campaign said. He is running without any major challenger in the Republican primary.

Earlier this month Democratic Senate candidate Amy Klobuchar said she raised $650,000 in the second quarter. Democrat Patty Wetterling’s campaign said she raised $420,000 during the quarter. Klobuchar, the Hennepin County attorney, had about $1.1 million in the bank when she reported, while Wetterling, a children’s safety advocate, had $375,000.

This is important on a few fronts. One is the obvious problem for the dems since they may burn their funds in a primary race. But the second is the bad taste left in every MI voter’s mouth from the Dayton debacle. Given Norm Coleman’s countervailing example as a statesman senator, all dems are going to be impacted by memories of brave Sir Dayton running from DC during the 2004 election.

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