Jul 17 2005

Liberal Media Over The Edge

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Tom Maguire came out with the obvious conclusion the Plame/Wilson scandal will wither away now that it is clear Rove did nothing more than answer reporter questions on the subject they brought up.

But the media can’t let go. They are too far out on this limb. They have cried for 2 years this is a crime and Rove needs to be punished (in complete violation of professional journalims standards and our constitutional right to be deemed innocent until proven guilty). So desparate they are coming out in droves in light of the news in the NYTimes which exonerated Rove, but the NYTimes desparately tried to spin as trouble for Rove. Some examples

In a stunning example of projection Ed Klein at Time screams all the erroneous, misinformed, debunked claims while syaing it is time for the Bush administration to move on and focus on the war.

It was, in fact, a story that had everything to do with politics and not much to do with national security–a story that illuminates a signature disgrace of the Bush presidency: its tendency to treat the war in Iraq as an issue to be spun, rather than a life-and-death struggle to be won. In this case the White House was trying to “knock down” a former ambassador, Joseph Wilson, who had disputed the claim–made by President Bush in his State of the Union address–that Iraq attempted to buy uranium in Niger. The Administration had built its case for war on the probability that Saddam Hussein had “reconstituted,” in Vice President Dick Cheney’s felicitous and inaccurate phrase, his nuclear-weapons program.

Can anyone still consider Klein a journalist after all these mistaken statements in one paragraph? Time to retire Joe, you have lost your edge.

Here is the Washington Post recycling misinformation as well

Wilson spent a week in Niger chatting with locals about the allegation, coming to the conclusion that the yellowcake charges were probably unfounded. He reported his findings to the agency — but they never made their way to the White House.

Actually, Wilson’s report supported the theory Saddam was attempting to acquire yellowcake – his error-ridden claims the media are the ones which spun this story the other way.

Under the Title “Scandal Shows Abuse of Power” we have an example of the smaller liberal media outlets across this country

That clearly was the intent of White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove in leaking to a reporter that former Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV’s wife, Valerie Plame, was a CIA agent. To try to conceal the fact that the president had lied to the American public about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction program, Rove attempted to destroy the credibility of two national security veterans and send an intimidating message to any other government officials preparing to publicly tell the truth.

The scandal is the complete lack of journalistic standards to report facts and truth – and do not even try to claim editorials do not have the same requirement, they do. They can speculate, but not outside known facts. The abuse of power is the dying media trying to foist propoganda on the public to fool them into a political point of view that is solely that of the media outlets themselves.

Word of wisdom to the press. The deeper you dig, the longer Bush and Co. will let you dig. Because the deeper you dig the higher the stakes become and the more important it is for Bush to succeed in weathering this garbage. The GWOT policies that are now working are at risk and cannot be halted halfway through without dire repercussions. So they press will lose this battle of ideology – it must if we are to survive. They play for politics, the rest of us fight for our country.


Ed Morrissey has other indications of the how far over the cliff the liberal pols and media have become. They are so unhinged by Rove they have decided to drop all pretense of being objective, of not being pawns of liberal talking points and purveyors of liberal desires.

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