Jul 17 2005

Turkey Al Quaeda Prime Target

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With this new bombing in Turkey aimed at tourists from the EU and the West it is becoming clear some elements of Al Quaeda may be trying to destabilize Turkey and turn them away from the West in the same manner they were able push Italy out of Iraq. And this is probably part of a broader push against the West to activate the weak-kneed liberal media to ramp up their calls to surrender.

A FEMALE suicide bomber is believed to have caused the deaths of one British tourist and three others, including at least one Irish holidaymaker.

Another 14 travellers were injured in the attack, including five from the UK, after a bomb was detonated on a minibus in the Turkish resort of Kusadasi.

The attack came just six days after a bombing in the nearby Turkish resort of Cesme, in which two people died and one Briton was injured. It is the second bombing this year in Kusadasi and is the 10th attack in Turkey this year, coming in spite of tough security around the country’s tourist areas.

No organisation has yet been linked to the blast, which could have been carried out by either Islamist terrorists or bombers linked to Kurdish rebels.

There is plenty of reason for the Kurdish rebels to link up with AQ to achieve their goals – no matter what excuses the media uses to downplay this potential alliance.

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