Feb 06 2007

24 Season 6, 12:00 to 1:00 PM Open Thread

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Last night’s installment of 24 was rivetting, and sometimes too predictable. As LJStrata pointed out, now we know where Jack gets his dark, killer side. I could see his dad and brother in cahoots, so when his dad got nervous and killed his son I was not surprised. But it was still a bit of a shocking scene (Darth was never that cruel!). LJStrata has this uncanny insight to continuity and detail. She finds all sorts of little things that don’t fit scene to scene. She could not help but notice the syringe was left there with the father’s fingerprints on it, and I know these people keep a log of syrum used.

The whole thing about detention centers is pretty important I guess, but it sometimes distracts. I guess it does for me at least, because I tend to agree the idea of detention centers are a last resort. You would use martial law and curfews first because anyone could be paid off to kill Americans. Anyway, it is I guess a good debate, but I would wager America is no where close to even thinking along those lines. Live free or Die! And that means all of us. Only little dweebs need redcoats to find their enemies.

Anyway – looking forward to the two hour special next week!

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  1. jewells45 says:

    Hmm, I thought it was a good episode but it’s getting rather tiring showing Lennox as this evil person, and now the VP gets the evil treatment. We get it guys, you don’t like the idea of detention, even after a nuke goes off and kills 12,000 and YOU KNOW it was a freaking Muslim behind it. Sigh, I am growing weary of being lectured to by Hollywood. I thought 24 was different. Love the fact they cast Powers Boothe as the VP. I love that guy!

    Casting Morris as the reluctant engineer will really stretch the credibility level.

    I dunno I still love the show but I am a little disappointed this season.

  2. abastounes says:

    I just purchased the DVDs of seasons 1-5. Each season is terrific. Intense action. Terrific acting. Great plots. I find it hard to break away from the TV.

    When I compare the acting this season to that of last season (Think: Greg Itzin & Jean Smart) there is no comparison. Watching this year’s cast is like watching a high school play. Painful.

    Also, the script writing has gone south. “Bomb them back to the Stone Age”, “Bleeding heart liberal”, “She’s a registered Republican”. How trite. How PC. How awful.

    As I’ve watched the first episodes of season 6, I find myself yelling “Oh, come on” about 10 times per show. (Mostly in response to the PC tripe, the sorry acting, and the lame script).

    So far, this season reminds me of the time that Coke messed with its recipe. The result was a disaster. The 24 producers, writers, et. al. have messed with a winning formula. This season, so far, has no fizz.

    It takes time for an audience to “bond” with a program’s actors. I think too many beloved characters were killed off in too short a period of time. Feels like there are strangers in the house.

    I’m checking on the cable ratings each week. If the pace of the program doesn’t pick up soon, I won’t be surprised if the ratings begin to tank.

    I can say one thing for sure: I sure won’t be buying the DVD set of season 6.

  3. jewells45 says:

    I agree with what you say about killing off some of the characters that the audience has come to love. Don’t want to spoil it for any0ne but there is a certain character that when they killed him/her off I was so upset I almost quit watching it.

  4. erp says:

    Totally agree. We’re watching season #2 on AMC and it’s so much better.

  5. abastounes says:

    I think the producers missed a great opportunity to introduce a new actor to play the President. Bringing Wayne Palmer back was a big mistake. We are supposed to believe that in 18 months he went from political hack who frequently counseled his brother to take the ethical “low road” and who was involved in his own scandal to President. Hard to swallow.

    I won’t even comment on the Sandra Palmer character. One blogger noted: After seeing this season’s Palmers, it clear the wrong Palmer was assassinated.

    The program has always had scenarios which were hard to believe. Face it, it’s a TV show. However, in the opening hours we see Jack shuffle out of the back of a plane, mumble a few words–the picture of a broken man. He showers, shaves, and gets a haircut and “presto” in minutes he drop kicks a guy out of the back of a subway train and then climbs onto a roof to rescue passengers from a helicopter. Quite the turnaround.

  6. AJStrata says:

    Agreed, the writing has gotten much more “Hollywood” and I too am tired of the lecturing. Make the point, illustrate its complexity and get back to the action! But 24 is still one of the few programs on major networks I will watch, let alone look forward to each week!

  7. Mark_for_Senate says:

    I agree AJ, I still think season 5 was the best so far, but this season still has its potential. In my mind this is still the best show on TV, I don’t quite agree with some of the prior ‘complaints’. I guess they could all watch ‘The View’…. 🙂 Keep up the great work AJ, You are a daily read!

  8. abastounes says:

    No, I don’t think I’ll be tuning in to “The View”. Surely you’ll say, “If you dislike the program that much, just change the channel.” I write only because I enjoy this program so very much and I am just very disappointed at this point in season 6.

    I just watched some episodes from season 3–the scene where Michelle tells Tony that she’s not infected with the virus and the scene where Jack objects to Kim working as a decoy. Wow! What intensity. What incredible acting. What powerful lines. That’s what I am sorely missing this season.

    All that said, I’ll tune in next Monday hoping against hope that the plot and acting will improve.

  9. Gotta Know says:

    I am in the minority that this season is pretty damn bad. Up through last week I thought it was less credible than “Barbarella,” but last night I thought the show redeemed itself somewhat. Not that I think the Shakespearian dramatics of father killing son was profound in any way, in fact it was pretty lame. But portraying the brother as a Machiavellian patriot was better than earmarking him as your supermarket-variety psychopath.

    It still adds up to weak fare. THAT was Jack’s brother? Jack’s FATHER would kill his own child?

    And as soon as it was announced that a new nuclear technician was found, I knew it was Whatsisname, I thought that was pretty obvious.

    I thought Seasons 3-5 were very good, would be hard-pressed to pick but best of the lot but gun to my head (as it were) I would go with #4.

    This season is probably weaker than the first season, and that one was really, really bad. Jack’s wife was one of the worst actresses I’ve ever seen, and Palmer’s wife was stiff competition. She was absolutely dreadful. And Nina, was she a cyborg? C’mon…

  10. Jacqui says:

    There is one thing I’ve learned about this show…they take you off in one direction and just when you are pretty sure you know what the destination is and quick turn of events occurs and you say – I can’t believe they just did that. I guess I’m anticipating the next surprise twist.