Jul 16 2005

How The AQ Cult Recruits

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The method of brain washing used by the cult of islamic fascism appears to be powerful, yet simple. This article shows how the power of images and music is used to seduce the young into an over exaggerated reality, where dying is the only answer

Amear Ali remembers how the film images clicked by in rapid-fire sequence to a soundtrack of pounding drums: dead Iraqi children, Palestinians under siege, Guantanamo prisoners, snippets of President Bush repeating the word “crusade.”

“You could see how it could turn someone to raw hate,” said Ali, recalling his brush last year with the hard-edged marketing of extremism at an Islamic bookstore operated by his brother-in-law. “It even started working on me. Then I said to myself, `Get out. This stuff is poison.'”

The shop was drawn deeper Saturday into the international investigation of the July 7 London bombings, and Ali’s introductions into the militant messages could help explain the possible recruitment tactics used in the neighborhood where the suicide mission apparently took shape.

Attempts to discern the motives and mind-set of the suspected bombers remain among the murkiest parts of the probe. But Ali – a 36-year-old father of four boys – claims hardline Islamists had been quietly making contacts and spreading propaganda for years in the Beeston area, a hillock of one-room stores and red brick row houses dominated by families with roots in Pakistan.

Jim Jones didn’t need much to convince his people to die, and neither have many cults (here, here and here). The only difference now is the islamic fascist cult proposes homicide bombing as the path to rapture.

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