Feb 05 2007

Knee Jerk Socialists

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The Democrats clearly cannot abide success, because their knee jerk reaction to success is to take it away from those who succeeded. First we have Hillary’s lame call to take the profits from one company and give them to her ‘associates’ in businesses she approves of, which she refers to as ‘renewable energy’. Her idea is clearly the forced confiscation of money she had nothing to do with earning and literally giving it to people she feels deserves it more. When people in DC start telling the rest of us what is an acceptable way to make a living it should send a shudder through everyone outside the beltway. Let me just cite the page program as one example of why we don’t want DC directing our ways of life.

Now John Edwards comes out and calls for higher taxes during an economic boom where unemployment is rock bottom, inflation is completely in check, our factories are pumping out goods, taxes are low and our deficits – while engaged in two wars – are shrinking rapidly. Why would this fool call for taxes unless he wants to take money from those who make it, who succeed, and give it to others? It never once occurs to Dems to help people to succeed instead of punishing success. Never. Why? Because they don’t think the average American has the brains to succeed like they have. Trust me, these people drip with condescension. So instead of helping people to get past any challenges they have in order to make their dreams come true, their only answer is to take from those who did make it. Dems have no imagination, no intellectual inspiration, no ideas. They need to be Santa Claus and give out gifts, but since they have no gifts of their own they try and play Robin Hood. Even though they are the corrupt and greedy Sherriff (the government). Pathetic.

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  1. Sue says:

    Kind of ironic, considering the house he just built. Why is it the truly rich, read democrats, want to take the not-so-rich’s money? I guaran-damn-tee you I don’t live in a house the size of the one John Edwards is building. And it is my money he wants taxed.

  2. Carol J says:

    You absolutely NAILED it, AJ!!!

    Why would anyone go out their and put themselves on the line to succeed when the government just comes along and takes it all away? (See emminent domain for an example). People had better start paying close attention to what Hillary and the other “socialists” are offering in return for their votes…it’s nothing less than a staggeringly huge state run welfare system. This is NOT what this country was founded on! It will absolutely kill our economy.


  3. gumshoe says:

    it would kill more than our economy.

    a small group of pols telling the rest of americans
    how to think ,feel,and spend their money
    would be a regressive spiritual program.

    even a moderate effort to educate
    students about the history of “socialism”
    in the 20thC. would lay the disasters bare
    for everyone to see.

    if we had a moderate amount of patience,
    we’d be willing to watch Venezela’s Chavez
    demonstrate the dance steps,instead of trying to duplicate his
    ‘Bolivarian revolution’ here in the US.

    why do these neo-comms
    think so many wish to migrate HERE???

    so they can reproduce the political disasters they are fleeing???

  4. momdear1 says:

    Both Hillary and Edwards are promising everybody “free” health care. Like the free care the VA gives our veterans? This is a true story about the government’s free health care for the vets.

    My brother had viral pneumonia while in basic training. He recovered, was sent to Korea and discharged 4 years later. After a few months he reinlisted and spent another 4 years in the service. About a year after hsi second discharge he was diagnosed with active TB and he spent 2 years in a Veteran’s TB hospital. His records showed that TB showed up in his Xrays shortly aftrer he recovered form the case of viral pneumonia and had progressed over the years until he was considered disabled because of diminished lung capacity. He was guaranteed free health coverage by the VA because his illness was service connected. But he was required to report to a VA hospital regularly for Xrays and tests . On one such visit, he got tired of standing in line waiting for XRays and he sat down on the floor. A VA employee saw him and called for orderlies to come take him to the emergency room. Disregarding his protests that he had sat down because he was tired of standing in line, tthe two orderlies raced off down the hall, bouncing him around on a gurney, and bounced him off ont the floor, breaking his hip. When he came out of surgery, one leg was three inches shorter than the other and he wore a 3 in. life on one shoe the rest of his life. Several years later he was hospitalized for another problem. Over his protests that he was not diabetic and did not take insulin, he was forcably given two shots of insulin intended for another patient with the same last name. The second shot killed him.

    After they broke his hip and shortened his leg I asked him why he didnt’ sue and he said that if he did that he would not be allowed to use the VA hospitals again and because of the TB he could not get medical insurance. After they killed him I reported it to every agency i could think of and never got a reply from any one of them.

    In another incident. A vet went to the VA hospital when he suddenly lost sight in one eye. Instead of referring him to a eye surgeon for immediate treatment He was told their Eye Doctor was on vacation and couldnt’ see him until he returned in two week s. Not realizing that time was essential for successful treatment, he waited two weeks. Needless to say he had a detached retina and is now totally blind in one eye when there was a chance of recovering his sight if he had received timely treatment.

    This ia a word of warning to anyone who thinks the government will guarantee everyone good medical coverage. I know the above case s represent how the present medical care provided by the government works. Is this what we want for all of us so a few who expect somebody else to pay for their every need can get a free ride?

  5. The Macker says:

    The subtext to Kyoto, global warming hysteria, globalization alarm, energy profits phobia, enviro-mania, jihadists as victims, single payer health plan schemes ……… is always socialism.

  6. missvotingforreagan says:

    Would not Pres. Heillary need to explain to the Exxon shareholders what happened to their dividend checks?

  7. BarbaraS says:

    Would not Pres. Heillary need to explain to the Exxon shareholders what happened to their dividend checks

    As I have said before, the Clintons never explain anything. Maybe someone else would commit suicide and take the blame.