Feb 01 2007

Boycott The Washington Post Until Arkin Gone

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I have to admit the insensitivity (not to mention self absorbtion) of Bill Arkin is stunning. The guy basically wrote our troops should be honored to die for all of us back here in the US after all we have given them. I first saw this story yesterday at Powerline and was so disgusted I felt like someone had just thrown excrement everywhere. Arkin is an emotionally stunted wannabe adult, that has been clear for a while. But this is just too much. He has a bright mind which he has never learned to manage so he goes off on these wild imaginitive tangents of fantasy – constantly. I have never understood why the Washington Post lowers their standards so far to keep him. But to add insult to insult, Arkin is now out ranting that people disagree with him are too dumb to know better.

Well, he crossed the line twice so it is time to remind the Washington Post of their civic and corporate duties. Their civic duty is to show some restraint and control their yippy little dog Arken and regain control their image. The Washington Post has NEVER been for belittling our troops. But yet there is no grosser demeaning act than to imply someone should be greatful they get to die to protect such an arrogant a-hole like Arken. Arken actually DEMANDS they be grateful for protecting is big butt sitting in front of a computer insulting them and trivializing their sacrifices. If the Washington Post doesn’t expunge itself of this troll then we must conclude they are embracing his madness.

Secondly, if the Washington Post is going to let Arken call their customers who disagree with him “Arrogant and Intolerant” then I am taking my money elsewhere. And that includes all local advertisers. We were only getting one paper from the Post these days anyway – the Sunday post with the advertisements. Gone. And I have plenty of copies of old ones to know where not to shop. Northern Virginia companies – if you are paying the Washington Post advertising money to disparage our troops and insult me then be prepared to lose my business. Here are the advertisers from one recent Sunday Post:

office depot
sports authority
belefort furniture
comp usa
circuit city
rite aid
bray & scarff
best buy
jc penny
sprint-motorola (Red Razor)
don pablo’s restaurant
kitchen magic
marlo furniture
longhorn steakhouse
radio shack

Folks, that is just the inserts from one weekend. If you are outraged by Arken’s idiotic comments let the Washington Post and these companies know that no company can afford to insult our troops and their customers. We have no reason to have to put up with this guy. None. Nor do we have to put up with his financial backers.

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  1. Washington Post’s Arkin – Troops = Mercenaries?…

    The blogswarm has already begun (got up late), but it seems an old Army colleague of long ago, William Arkin, has stepped in the proverbial doggie-doo with his blog entry at the Washington Post.
    Basically a slam against a NBC report last Friday showing…

  2. Carol_Herman says:

    Well, it’s been years and years since ANY newspaper got delivered to my home. And, even longer since I’ve held either the Compost (formerly known as WaPo), or the New Yuk Times in any esteem. Rags. Never crossed my mind that they were successful business models of anything.

    As to the list of advertisers; the only one where I’ve shopped at was Walmarts. Recently. For the first time in many years. So, I’ll keep it in mind.

    All the others? A lot of good their ads did them. Didn’t see them. Nor do I shop there, either. Is that a connection? That to reach customers ads actually have to get into the hands of multiple customers?

    Heck, I’ve noticed that fewer people even use coupons. Fewer people, at the checkout lanes, are handing the clerks clipped coupons. You haven’t noticed? Well, perhaps you don’t remember the old days? When people came into supermarkets with shoe boxes full of coupons. And, they only bought something if they had a coupon for it! Quite a sight NO LONGER SEEN. Big shopping cart full of stuff. And, the bill at exit? Small change.

    Imagine being able to interfere with bargains?

    While in Fitzgerald’s courtroom (lucky for him it’s not televised). You could’a watch COOPER, yesterday, weaving a LIE. About “diss” … In Libby’s attitude. Where “DISS” to cooper, meant DISPARAGE.

    And, not DISGRACE.

    Cooper was a LYING DISGRACE. (Time, by the way booted him in the ass. No longer got that job. Though his wife, Mandy Grundwald is “sure hilllary wins.”)

    While I figured out WHY Hillary (with hipo hips) wore PINK. Ah. Because “when she wins, pigs fly.” Flap and fly.

    Yes, our media has been co-opted by the Goebbel’s of the world. Too bad for them, they’re unaware hitler ended up in a parking lot. I guess, when germany’s intellectual reputation got flushed down the toilet, it was one of those new fangled mechanisms, whereby it’s “silent flushing.” Helps ya not get embarassed? Is that’s where it’s has gone? Nobody gets embarassed? Who cares?

  3. Terrye says:

    I saw that little video on You Tube that NBC di and it was so tame. The troops were not pushy or obnxious or anything. They just said that they wished people would be more supportive of the mission. And then comes along this nimrod and he just goes off on them.

    Now if these same troops had trashed the war or Bush you can bet that an idiot like Arkin would not have had any problem with them voicing that opinion. Antiwar people just love it when troops trash the mission.

    I can’t believe the stupidity of the man. I sent an email to executive@washingtonpost.com and let them know how I feel about this.

    Ernie Pyle must be spinning in his grave.

  4. William Arkin responds, misquotes me and further insults the troops…

    I should feel honored, he responded to me directly.  Of course he grossly misquoted me.
    I said that he was telling the troops to shut up and quit whining, whereas he quoted me as saying that to him.
    Whatever.  the point of my article was that…

  5. erp says:

    Arkin? Is he related to the actor Alan Arkin. I tried googling, but nothing on his family only that he was in Greenpeace. “nuff said.

  6. Bill's Bites says:

    It’s called “Cojones Envy.” (Multiple updates)…

    I guess when you don’t have what it takes to be a real man all that’s left is to try to drag down those who do. It’s beginning to smell way too much like the ’60s again. …

  7. Don Surber says:

    Free speech ping-pong…

    UPDATE 2: Include me out.

    A few “conservatives” apparently want Arkin fired for expressing an opinion they do not agree with. AJ Strata is organizing a boycott of the Post’s advertisers until Arkin is fired.

    Fired for what? Th…..

  8. Arkin digging the hole deeper…and deeper…

    AJ Strata: Boycott The Washington Post Until Arkin Gone
    I have to admit the insensitivity (not to mention self absorbtion) of Bill Arkin is stunning. The guy basically wrote our troops should be honored to die for all of us back here in the US after al…

  9. Retired Spook says:

    The comments after the actual article are telling. Rather than say what I think of this piece of human debris, I’ll just paste one of the actual comments. It says it better than I could.

    Arkin – I’d tell you to drop dead, but I don’t think that phrase is strong enough to get my opinion across to you. I will, however, take solace in the fact that your “career” is now over. Hoping your next “creative endeavor” will be to say “Would you like fries with that?”

    No, my first reaction is still the best. Drop ******* dead, you creepy s.o.b.

  10. BarbaraS says:

    all this shows is the libs coming out of the closet.

  11. dennisa says:

    I lived through this once before, back in the 1960’s. This is the opening salvo in the denigration of American servicemen and women. Arkin seems to believe they’re all fascists.

  12. secureourfuture says:

    I thought that this piece was a satire when I first heard about it. It read as though the author was attempting to use absurdity to make a point.

    I actually received my first “spine chill” of the day after I read the article. He was serious — and this toolbox actually served at one point.

    Socialist to the core, no?