Jan 29 2007

24 Season 6, 10:00 AM to 1200 PM

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Being on the road I had to wait until this weekend to see 24 from last week, and then before I knew it tonight’s episode was upon us. I find it really interesting Jack’s brother turns out to be his arch enemy from seasons past. They guy is definitely a little dweeb. I am looking forward to next week’s second round of torturing (some characters simply deserve it).

And speaking of characters that deserve it, I find it hard to believe the lady heading up CTU (sorry folks, tired and its late) quit. Me, I would have been in El Presidente’s office explaining how the head of Homeland Security was blackmailing people at the peak of a nuclear crisis. But that’s just me. If I am going out, I am going out swinging. Besides, the President would be much less worried about some old news than “the squirrel’s” naked ambition. I think the guy is from Ghost Busters II, and I can’t help but get that image out of my mind. He deserves the Bauer treatment as well.

The ‘who is the turncoat in CTU’ game went into high gear with the announcement of the (totally fake) revocations of security clearances. First off, you are in or out. You never let someone with a potential grudge on your system. That is why people on the way out are IMMEDIATELY shown the door with pay for at least two weeks. They cannot do damage. But no matter how frustrating it is, never use someone else’s ID to log in. If you are logged in under fradulent circumstances you are the one who will be the target of all suspicion.

Anyway, great season – as expected.

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  1. ordi says:



    Her name is Karen Buchanan she is the National Security Advisor to President Wayne Palmer. In season 5 her name was Karen Hayes, she married Bill Buchanan, head of LA CTU, between seasons 5 and 6.

  2. kittymyers says:

    I had the identical reaction as you did, AJ. Whyinthehell didn’t she tell the prez what was going on? The fact that she didn’t strikes me as being disloyal to the prez. I don’t like Karen Hayes. Never did. I don’t think she has what it takes for a job at that level.

    If you want to see one scary bitch, come to my house when 24 is on and someone tries to even whisper within earshot >:O

  3. Joe Buzz says:

    Man…I just hope we dont have any missing “packets” when we set up our “redundant” “perimeter” if we do we may need all new “protocols”

    Milo letting the hottie in under his log in….was a bad idea. I truly hope she doesnt turn out to be a Tango mole, especially now that we know she is a “registered republican”.

  4. Gotta Know says:

    I’m in a minority on this but what can I say, this is the comment section: I think this season is really bad. They jumped the shark with Jack’s brother, it’s so un-credible that I can barely stand to watch. (But I will, I’m a fan.) The President is barely credible although (I have to admit) better than I expected (I thought he was pretty weak in previous seasons.) I agree that Karen Hughes gave up far too easily, I also have Ghostbusters II in mind every time I see that bozo, and how low does your IQ have to be to give someone access like that?

    The least they could have done is come up with a brother with a full head of hair, like Jack.

    Fortunately I think the basic storyline is pretty good, so I’ll stick it out, but I’m not waiting breathlessly for Monday nights.

  5. Joe Buzz says:

    Comment check….

  6. Carol J says:

    24 rocks!!!

    We’re glued at my house.

    AJ…wondering what you have to say on the latest “Hubble Trubble”. I heard they will send up a rescue mission. Any ideas when? There is no other country on this planet that contributes more, to future technology and peaceful cooperation, than THIS country!



  7. Mike M. says:

    Spaceflight Now says the Hubble repair mission is scheduled for September 2008.

  8. wiley says:

    I’m with Gotta Know — I think the show has “jumped the shark”. At times the writing is really bad, but it’s still better than most fare. The bit where the ME babe at CTU suddenly had to go thru extra hurdles to do her job b/c of profiling was really funny. Either you have access & privileges, or you don’t.

  9. erp says:

    A bit o/t but Wiley’s comment above about awful writing brought to mind how awful “House” is this season. The last episode was so bad, we actually turned it off and debated deleting “House” from DVR automatic taping schedule. We’ll give it another week and then, it’s history.

    We are simultaneously watching season 2 on A&E which I think is far better than season 6 at least so far.