Jan 29 2007

Another Victim Of Polonium 210

It seems the barman at the Millenium Hotel which was visited by Litvinenko and Lugovoi and Kovtun on November 1st, after the meeting with Scaramella (Po-210 traces) and at Berezovsky’s office (Po-210 traces), has tested positive for a massive dose of Po-210, which is at odds with earlier reporting:

THE barman who served a poisoned cup of tea to Alexander Litvinenko has just five years to live, The Sun can reveal.
Noberto Andrade, 67, was exposed to lethal Polonium 210 when waiting on the ex-KGB man during his meeting with three other former agents.

Noberto, of Brentwood, Essex, served Litvinenko, 43, a pot of green tea at the hotel on November 1.

The assassin is believed to have slipped the Polonium 210 into the pot at the table from a sealed glass capsule.

At first blush this might seem to make sense, but it doesn’t. The tea pot is now clearly filled with tea when contaminated and a cup of tea is poured from it and provided to Litvinenko to drink. The same problems I have been pointing to with regards to the Po-210 levels in the tea pot, tea cup and Litvinenko;s body being wildly different still seem to be evident. And this is not possible. The liquid is the agent connecting all three “vessels” and therefore cannot be of different doses.

This scenario also doesn’t explain the claims last week of the fourth man in the hotel room poisoning Litvinenko with cold tea. Nor does it explain the rest of the Po-210 trail across London, Germany and Moscow. In fact, it seems this story is consistent in the inconsistent reporting. The HPA has not listed anyone with these levels of Po-210 poisoning.

I am more than willing (and would honestly prefer) this all be an assassinartion effort on one man. It would mean Po-210 is not roaming around someplace. But the evidence has to line up forensically. The stories coming out are contradictory and impossible to make sense of. Could Scotland Yard be this confused? Did they leave a tea pot out in the public domain to poison many other people? Did they not have clear testimony on the drinks served and then check all possible containers? >/p>
Something is up. Not sure why all these conflicting stories are breaking now.

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  1. reliapundit says:

    why would kovtun and lugovoy go back to russia if they were involved with litvinenko in smuggling or bomb making?

    the ONLY logical answer is that they were really working for putin.

    if they were involved in illegal smuggling or bomb making then they would have stayed in the UK or fled to other nations.

    by returning to russia – allegedly for treatment- they prove they were not anti-putinistes.

  2. AJStrata says:


    There is no indication this third round of travel linked to Po-210 was he last round.

    A case could be made the Po-210 was being smuggled into Russia to be part of an elaborate scheme to destabilize the country in order to have a coup. The Po-210 was apparently produced in Russia, but they have accounted for their stocks – until the were deported. To have Russian ‘fingerprints’ on the material it would be possible to obtain the Po-210 after it had been exported and then smuggle it back in country. It would look like Putin was behind any acts using that material.

    The truth is, now that material showed up in London, so the link to Russia will be harder to make.

    The real question you should be asking is why Lugovoi travelled three times to London, each time trailing Po-210, each time meeting with Litvinenko. The Litvinenko dose was 10 millionths of a gram – a fraction of a grain of salt. Why three consignments for that tiny amount?

    There is more Po-21o in the trail than inside Litvinenko – why?

  3. copydude says:

    A. J. writes:

    ‘Something is up. Not sure why all these conflicting stories are breaking now.’

    It’s possible that Scotland Yard are going to fold the case and that the official reason given will be the failure to extradite Lugovoi.

    That will close the book on Polonium smuggling, the wobbly security companies and the curious involvement of MI6 in the smearing of Romano Prodi – the stories they don’t want mentioned.

  4. copydude says:

    By the way, the guy in the story who has 5 or 6 years to live. Well, he is 67, so that’s an average life expectancy.

    The story is in the same paper that reported Mario Scaramella had 5 times the lethal dose and would be giving eight urine samples a day for years to come.

    Medical records are confidential and there is no way any independent can verify this story.

  5. jpnyc says:

    The head barman at the Millinnium Hotel in London’s Mayfair said: “Doctors say I’m looking a a life expectancy of five years, maybe six.”

    Medical records ARE confidential but it looks like Norberto Andrade is going public with his.

  6. Carol_Herman says:

    Cancer victims are given end times, to help them choose to take the poisons that kill cancer cells.

    What’s not known about the barman is WHEN did he get sick? Could he have had a previous history of cancer?

  7. per says:

    yet again, we have misrepresentation and wild speculation. AJ reads a piece of Sun “journalism”, and invents a “massive dose of Po-210”. It takes two minutes to go the health protection agency, who did the tests; there are in fact 13 people who have had doses in excess of 6mSv, but “which are not significant enough to result in any illness in the short term and any increased risk in the long term is likely to be very small” .

    It is amazing how all the nuttiness evaporates when you rely on the facts, as opposed to the made-up facts.

  8. per says:

    “There is more Po-21o in the trail than inside Litvinenko”
    surely you must now accept that your statement above is a complete invention and fantasy. You have no information that demonstrates that.


  9. BarbaraS says:

    why would kovtun and lugovoy go back to russia if they were involved with litvinenko in smuggling or bomb making?

    Please tell us where else they could go. This is the only viable country for them that has no extradition. Besides, Russia is a big country and you can buy just about anyone there.