Jan 25 2007

From The Duh! Files

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What happens when you disarm law abiding citizens so that only criminals have weapons? Simple: More criminals feel comfortable commiting crimes with guns (allows them to control the situation). Ask Washington DC, which has one of the nation’s bans on personal firearms. And then come across the River to VA where we have conceal and carry laws WITH use of the Federal Mandatory five year sentence for any crime involving a gun – in addition to whatever state punishment that is imposed for the specific crime committed. We have one of the lowest gun crime rates in he country. And we shoot to kill if need be. So why is anyone surprised that after many years of the handgun ban in the UK the result was more criminals with guns committing crimes? Straight from The Duh! Files!

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:


    I fought the battle in the worst part of Viet Nam.

    I have no issues with pulling a trigger.

    I have many souls weighing down my sleep.

    I have only had to pop a cap on one person who invaded my house.

    I got the kneecap which was exactly what I was aiming for.

    I am too much of a marksman to have done otherwise.

    If I had to do it the next shot would have been in another area and most likely fatal.

    And it would have been delivered with the same coolness.