Jan 21 2007

From The Duh! Files

The news media is all atwitter today that Hillary wants to be President. Well – Duh! Why did she pretend to be a NY resident so she could sit in a Senate seat for so many years and do what again? Think Hillary could stand up to Bin Laden? Think Hillary could keep her notorious temper in check? Think anyone wants Bill Clinton near the furniture in the WH again? Think again.

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One Response to “From The Duh! Files”

  1. Carol_Herman says:

    Can people be “marketed” to buy something they don’t want?

    One thing about the donks, is that they’ve been operating on a strange “exclusive” agenda. Where the elites search for people who hate. So they can be divided away from the “common goals, of common men.”

    Anyway, hillary has enough ambition, that people have assumed she’s running from the get-go. And, when Guiliani didn’t run against her for the senate seat she occupies; you see a certain “split.” As if New York were an island. And, Guliani’s hopes would have been crushed, by the elite’s machinery. No matter how well-spoken Guiliani IS. He avoided a race where he could get scarred. And, lose.

    Doesn’t mean hillary’s a “winnah.” Only that she has important enough friends, that “real people” have no influence at all on the donkey show.

    It’s a strange business model.

    And, elites have lost powers, before. For instance? Due to circumstances beyond their controls, the catholic church lost their enormous political hold on spain and france, if not in other zones, as well.

    I guess in horse-racing, it’s called “backing the wrong horse.”

    And, in movie making, where Drudge sails into the hollywood powers for using Jennifer Anison to open films, he’s pointed out “she’s no leading lady. And, her movies crash at the box office.

    In other words it takes especially good management to steer clear of bad business decisions. And, politically speaking, (and, likewise, media-speaking), those in charge of making decisions, seem to ignore popular support.

    I can’t figure it out. But then I can’t figure out why salmon swims upstream. Except that nature wants the salmon population ruled by Darwin’s Laws, that the winners get to create the future. And, the losers die trying.

    That hillary can make lots of money going for the nomination? Yes! That there are some players who prefer to give her money, let’s say more so than they’d give it to Kerry? Yes. Except for Kerry’s wife. And, we don’t know where she stands these days. In 2004, she went to the DNC and brought her receipts; demanding “refunds.”

    It’s only expensive to run if it costs you money. And, you can’t raise any. For all we know there are people giving hillary money, hoping she loses. And, Geffen told her not to come to Malibu. (Drudge thought that was news. And, the day after, she announced! So, maybe, she’s been pushed to leave the gate early?) Bill handled his ambitions to become president, differently.

    And, everything before 9/11, ahead, may be a wash.