Jan 19 2007

Democrats Seen As Wandering Aimlessly

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The media are trying to put lipstick on the Pig that is the Democrat agenda for the nation – and failing. A new poll shows a devastating early report card. We all know Democrats came into power with a lot of insincere promises. They needed votes and said what they needed to get them. How do people think they controlled Congress for the half century before 1994? I guess this is one of the gifts of getting old – I can remember back more than a few years. By over 2 to 1 the Democrats are seen as wandering aimlessly without any clear ideas or direction for the country:

But only 25% of those surveyed believed Democrats have formulated a clear direction for the country; 58% said they had failed to.

No word on how this liberal minority quarter of the population that is fantasizing about this mythical plan for America actually feel about the plan. Are the day dreaming or having a nightmare? The media are grasping for hope in these abysmal numbers. For example:

Overall, the poll found 36% approve of how Congress is doing its job — hardly a mandate, but up from 30% in September.

Given athis poll’s margin of error is 3%, this is a statistical tie. In other words the numbers haven’t moved at all. 36% Approve, 64% don’t. No surprise there. The respondees loved the soft ball (and misleading) questions on the first wasted 100 hours of Congress. So what? What will these responders say in a few months when nothing gets throuhg the Senate or signed into law? First 100 hours and the Democrats get an F-! No surprise there. They are rapidly becoming just as bad as the Rep Congress, and run the risk of being seen as worst. Hat tip RCP.

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4 Responses to “Democrats Seen As Wandering Aimlessly”

  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    It ain’t workin they’re just jerkin.
    Why am I not surprised.

  2. TomAnon says:

    The surprise meter barely quivers. Watch for a fall in opinion of Congress after the “symbolic vote” on the surge. A suicide pact in symbology only.

  3. For Enforcement says:

    They were doomed to failure, They had years to come up with a plan and still no plan. If they couldn’t come up with anything before being elected, why would anyone expect a plan to miraculusly jump into their heads after election. The Repubs started out high and went down, the Dems are starting out low and are gonna go down.

  4. Carol_Herman says:

    In Monopoly, there’s an expression that “when you Pass Go you collect $200.”

    Well, congress isn’t a “board game,” as much as what’s going on is now a very boring one. And, nobody’s passing ANYTHING.

    What we don’t see is that a lot of those IN office are SCARED. In the HOUSE? They know 2008 could upset their apple carts. They didn’t exactly carve their seats in stone. And, there’s a sense that the American PEOPLE are disgusted. Unless, of course, you lift up rocks. And, test things in Spanish. Or in black ghettos. Hardly places that are as economically sound as the rest of the “pie.”

    Besides, yesterday, Drudge found a good headline in the one where Geffen is telling Hillary to stay away from the Malibu crowd. Because? There’s not gonna be any money in it for her to “hit them up.” That’s bad news. It’s especially bad since John Edwards seems to know where to fish for money. And, Kerry can always go and ask his wife for some.

    Other than that? Way back in 1968, I remember LBJ passing out something that looked like a show ticket. It was supposed to be, if you accepted it, a “guaranteed” vote. Too bad I didn’t save this scrap of paper. It would have been a hilarious thing to frame. Almost as good as a great New Yorker Cartoon.

    Why is the 2008 race headlined by someone who can capture lots of votes to win? Well. Because unlike most political offerings, where you just have to please a few … Where even senators can win their seats by appealing to a very small percentage of voters; just about half of those who cast ballots. Which is a MEAGER percentage, folks! It’s not enough to WIN the White House!

    Reagan understood this.

    Heck, even Goldwater did. When he removed the Chase Manhattan Bankers from holding up who “got selected.”

    And, who knows? Ahead you think it’s all gonna happen in New Hampshire?

    FATE will do something that will surprise us all.

    But desperate parties do not look for politicians who can’t win. That’s just another reality. No matter what you think of grass roots.

    It takes a winner to be a winner. And, 2008 is the next superbowl.