Jan 11 2007

Litvinenko Trail Returns To Office Buildings

The most intriguing and vague part of the Litvinenko Polonium-210 trail relates to those sights that could truly be implicated in contraband nuclear smuggling effort. These sites all share some common traits: (1) they are all business associates of Litvinenko and Berezovsky, (2) they are sites of Po-210 outside the restaurants, hotels, planes (public areas basically), and (3) we have no definitive time line for any of them reported. Every other site is tied to one of the three suspected shipment dates for the Po-210 contamination. But not these sites, they all remain untied to the timeline:

(1) Berezovsky’s offices at 7 Down Street
(2) Offices of RISC management at 25 Grosvenor Square
(3) Offices at 58 Grosvenor Square (Erinys?)

This has been the unreported story – who contaminated these sites and on what day and at what time. I predicted that some of the late breaking contamination would be around these sites if they were involved with the Po-210 somehow, and now there are indications this is, in fact, the case:

They are among 116 people – mostly hotel staff, visitors and guests and office workers – who have tested positive for polonium-210.

Emphasis mine. Again, we have to watch how, at each point on the trail, the Po-210 travels and contaminates. Bodily fluids will not produce a toxic trail, per the UK HPA reporting itself:

I work with someone who has a urine sample result showing elevated Polonium -210 levels. What is the risk to my health?

You are not at risk, if you work, or have social and household contact with people who may have elevated Polonium-210 levels in their urine. They are not a risk to others when normal hygiene practices are followed. You would only be at risk of harm from Polonium-210 if you have ingested it which is unlikely as only a tiny amount of it is excreted in body fluids.

The only person who MIGHT be a source of contamination through bodily fluids was Litvinenko – but his wife showed very low poison levels and she was much closer to him and his fluids than anyone else. So this contamination must be from Po-210 dust or particles being shed by someone – or possibly by the leaky container itself! We know the Milleniun Hotel was the site of contaiment failure – big time. And that is how so many staff and guests and visitors became poisoned (albeit at safe levels).

But these office workers are a new piece in the Po-210 puzzle. If these are associated with Berezovsky’s office, then there is a possibility that the Po-210 in its container was in the office area. Recall that the Po-210 did not poison people beyond the Millenium Hotel in secondary contamination. You had to be at the location to get the poisoning. The material clearly became air born there. If we see a similar pattern in the office then we are seeing a trail of the material – not a trail of people who have been in contact with the material.

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4 Responses to “Litvinenko Trail Returns To Office Buildings”

  1. Carol_Herman says:

    There are now 36,000 passengers who will be checked; who had flown on the two aircraft between russia and “wherever,” that showed signs of polonium.

    This was BIG. As to the office staff, I doubt, with Litvinenko dead, that there’s much of a “staff” left, either. Did they just disappear into the woodwork?

    And, I still think this was an al-kay-duh-ring BIG job.

    And, they always start with the CONCLUSION.

    In other words?

    All those years of getting arabs flying lessons (sans landing lessons), always had as its target Congress, and the World Trade Center buildings.

    I think the pentagon got it, because it wasn’t as easy to direct that one plane, as the movies make you think it is.

    But, again. THE DEAL HAS THE CONCLUSION IN IT. (And, I’m pretty sure it was big enough to attract the italians, as well.) So it must have involved “hitting America’s President, Vice-President, etc.

    We will never know!

    But Turki? Who got kicked out of DC? Well on his way with the message that the Americans didn’t find these plans “funny.”

    As to the assassination story, that’s all PR.

    Also, those guys on the inside? You don’t think they have what to be nervous about?

    Or that they are, themselves, without curiosity? Scaramella wasn’t the guy who brought in the damaged “vessels.” And, Litvinenko is as silent, today, as Oswald. Happens. The world goes on, without all the gory details exposed.

    Heck, Gerald Ford didn’t mind the Warren Commission Report; since he sat on that committee. And, passed on the bum information. Not a very different dude that Sandy Berg(l)er. The “types” that called in by the higher-ups. To work the gate. And, confuse the people.

    Kennedy’s assassination never confused me all that much.

    Again. This wasn’t about a dirty bomb. Because there was no need to drop this from a tall building. This was a SPRITZING mechanism; that was supposed to be brought into the HOUSE, on the Q.T. And, now this plan has no place to go.

    I did read a report that in Iraq, the terrorists are trying to use chemicals on our troops. But technology isn’t their forte. Lots of things happen, from the time something is designed; to the place where reality takes over. And, a lot of the stuff that terrorists are now handling can be “out of date.” Or useless, when exposed to heat.

    Even better. Terrorists INSIDE THEIR MOSQUES can be poisoned.

    Quite a clue from that hysterical Imam, who refused Litvinenko’s coffin “inside da’ building.” Yeah. The arabs have chatter. They react to “chatter.” They’re not in universities studying math and science, ya know?

  2. reliapundit says:

    lugovoi and kovtun went BACK to putin’s russia for treatement.

    or to use treatment as a cover.

    therefore they MUST work for putin.

    the polonium did not cost the kgb a penny out-of-pocket, so they may consider it a FREE way to kill someone and send a message.

    and if the assassins got little contaminated, so what – it removes a little suspicion.

  3. Masters says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed following your comments on Litvinenko. Keep up the good work.

    Looking around the web on the subject of Litvinenko’s death, there are 10 theories with a total of 26 variants. I have given each theory a score for matters such as access to polonium, reasons for killing (or other arguments for the theory) and arguments against the theory. Your smuggling accident theory does not come out top.

    By the way, the addresses are 25 and 58 Grosvenor Street not Grosvenor Square. The London telephone directory says that Erinys is at 25 Grosvenor Street.

  4. burtsev says:

    Why has the Scotland Yard, or whoever i sreally in conrol of this “investigation,” been so selective in feeding the press information as to possible suspects and the like? When Skaramella got arrested they went out of their way to assure the public that the arrest had “nothing to do” with the Litvinenko case even though Skaramella was involved nuclear waste materials and trafficking in arms. He might have nothing to do with Litvinenko’s death, but why to declare this in such a haste and with such confidence? Notice that most tabloids still continue to lie that Litvinenko met with Scaramella AFTER meeting with Lugovoi and Kovtun. Why do they open themselves to charges of disinformation? Why no attention is paid to the statements of the sushi bar waitresses that they developed a strange skin rash after L’s meeting with Skaramella? Is this and numerous other facts just another indication of the Russophobic bias of the Anglo-Saxon establishments or a sign of criminal conspiracy of those who control the “investigation”?