Jan 11 2007

Bush Did Well – And We Are Communicating With Iran

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Glancing across the news articles today Bush did quite well. The Pessimist Party has stood up and declared it impossible to succeed in Iraq. With any luck, their appointment with the dustbin of history is now scheduled and committed. The amazing thing is I had no idea that 80% of the violence was concentrated in Baghdad. If Baghdad is controlled 80% of the violence will die down. Yes, some of these blood thirsty insurgents will flee, but the news media doesn’t get out much, so the violence will drop as far as the average US citizen sees it. And the fact we will track down and shut down the Syrian and Iranian support centers is the best news. A three pronged effort targetting Baghdad, Anbar and the terrorist supplies will have an impact. In fact, our ‘discussions’ with Iran have commenced:

U.S. forces stormed an Iranian consular office in the northern Iraqi Kurdish city of Arbil early on Thursday and arrested five people, including diplomats and staff, Iranian officials said.

The U.S. military made no direct mention of Iranians but in answer to a query issued a statement saying six “individuals” were arrested during “routine” operations in the area.

As the overnight raid was in progress, President George W. Bush was vowing in a keynote address on American television to disrupt what he called the “flow of support” from Iran and Syria for insurgent attacks on U.S. forces in Iraq.

Being one of those who knows success is achievable I of course enjoyed seeing those articles and editorials that faced reality instead of prayed for an accelerated defeat. I noted Australia’s John Howard came out last night in support of Bush’s speech. So that is good news. But I liked the tone of this article in the UK Times:

In reality, there is no credible alternative. The Iraq Study Group proved rather better at setting out the many problems that exist in Iraq than in offering precise solutions. Its recommendation that the White House co-opt Iran and Syria as its allies in Iraq does not look remotely plausible. The idea that suddenly withdrawing American soldiers from the country would convince Shia and Sunni hardliners to be more charitable to one another is equally improbable. Mr Bush’s domestic foes, notably Nancy Pelosi, the new Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives (who has a minimal record in foreign policy) and the increasingly surreal Edward Kennedy, would simply abandon Iraq and be done with it.

And never forget Bush’s ace card in Congress: Senator Joe Leiberman.

Sen. Joe Lieberman, who was assailed for his pro-war views during his fall re-election race, praised President Bush’s plan to increase the number of troops in Iraq and urged his colleagues in Congress to proceed with respectful debate.

“Excessive partisan division and rancor at home only weakens our will to prevail in this war,” Lieberman, I-Conn., said in a statement Wednesday.

“The president did not take the easy path, but he took the correct and courageous course,” Lieberman said. “It is a dangerous illusion to believe that we can depart Iraq and the inevitable killing fields and terrorist violence will not follow us in retreat — even to our own shores.”

That was a hint for the Democrats to listen to the voters. It seems the “essimist Party” is also the “Party Of Dangerous Illusions” (or delusions). This political struggle was over before it started because the Dems are blinded by hate and Bush is obsessed with protecting America. Gee, wonder which side the average working American will take?

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  1. For Enforcement says:

    Never heard Pres Bush use the term domino theory in relation to Iraq. Would you quote the speech for me where he used the term?

  2. ivehadit says:

    Somebody has some serious authority issues ….

  3. wiley says:

    LaLa Steve never read the 9-11 report. The 9-11 commission was a sad joke, but even so, it never said Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11. It simply concluded that there was not hard evidence to show that Iraq was involved in the operation, but it did not discount the possibility. And, it did acknowledge that there were meetings between Iraq & Al Qaeda. And only the ignorant, or delusioanl (BDS sufferers) or simple morons actually beleive Saddam did not have WMDs.

    Ivehadit & others have said it well about the left in our country, and the sick feeling one gets listening to their defeatist, moronic drivel.

  4. Barbara says:

    You know, all the past civilizations fell because the people no longer wanted to fight for their country. They only wanted the good life but didn’t want to fight for it. They didn’t want any casualties in the military. In other words, they got soft and decadent. I guess they had bleeding hearts back then too. Does all this sound familiar? There is a saying that if you don’t learn a lesson from history you are doomed to repeat it. I see clearly the coming avalanche. Maybe not now since we have enough people and the military willing to fight for our country but it will come eventually if we are not vigilant in fighting the left of this country.

    The left do not want us to defend ourselves. They do not see in their hatred for Bush that the terrorists plan to kill us and destroy our way of life and values. They don’t care. If that is what it takes to get back into power that’s what they will do. But then, they do not acknowledge that there is any threat. They think that the US is so strong we can keep our enemies from harming us. Evidently they have forgotten 911. The media has certainly seen to it that the public has forgotten. They will show pictures of beheadings and our soldiers being shot but don’t want to upset us by showing people jumping out of buildings and those same buildings falling down killing thousands of people.

    Barbara Boxer is a perfect example of this rot. It is pathetic that she cares nothing for the killing of unborn babies but is so concerned about the casualties of military and calls them children. We cannot look at keeping our military from harm in light of the terrorists plans. And I am sure the military resent very much being called children. I certainly do not want our soldiers to be harmed but we have to think of the fate of the country. The military certainly are. Can we do any less?