Jan 10 2007

America Always Defies The Pessimists

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Bush nailed his speech and the Dems walked off the cliff into oblivion. Bush was clear we had a tough job, but a doable one if things come together. And he was clear that failure in Iraq, especially derived from dumb-headed retreat, would cause the extension of our dying in Iraq and the ME as we would give Al Qaeda the grand prize of the ME: Iraq. Bush is open to all ideas which hasten and secure success. He is not interested in ideas on how to hasten our defeat. And America’s ‘can do’ attitude was tapped with good, solid changes in strategy. He said we always defy the pessimists (and we do). He explained the ramifications of defeat and how that path only leads to more death and destruction and innocent lives lost. How will we defy the pessimists (i.e., the Democrats)?

Both Iraq and the US are flooding Baghdad and Anbar with forces to stomp out the violence. Maliki has given the final ultimatum to the Shiia militias – disband or be destroyed. And we will now hunt down and take out the Syrian and Iranian meddlers and their insurgency support networks. The hands are untied, the gloves are off, and the Americans are now unleashed to tamp out all threats to the democratically elected Iraqi government.

And Dick Durbin (who claimed our brave military were like Nazi’s and other brutal tyrants of the 20th century) walked right into Bush’s straight flush. Bush reminded people plans for failure are not an option. And while our hopes had not been achieved yet, our options for success are still wide open. Dower Durbin, the leader of the pessimist party, made the insane decision to go ahead and be the example of what Bush said was not feasible or safe. And in doing so Bush set expectations for success.

We will reduce the violence. We will hunt down Al Qaeda. We will destroy the Syrian and Iranian support efforts. But the forces aligned against us will still kill with impunity. We will not see a battleship signing ceremony. The Iraq government has some clear milestones – which they will make. And the democrat pessimists, will be eating crow. The donkeys are now the Eeyores. Don’t ever play poker with Bush when he holds all the cards and you have shown him yours. The Dems tipped their hand and got forever labled as the pessimists.

In what must have been the biggest eye opener of the speech we learned 80% of the violence is within a short 30 miles of Baghdad (the rest being in Anbar Province). If this plan succeeds then 80% of the violence could be stomped out by summer, and the reconciliation and rebuilding can continue. The Dem have done their chicken little dance and now must live with their pessimistic positions. If Bush is successful, it will be clear the pessimism came from incompetence and impotence – not from leadership or wisdom. The cards are set and we are just waiting the final card to be turned.

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  1. ivehadit says:

    Excellent, AJ!!

  2. kathie says:

    Both Sadr and Maliki have visited Al Sistani, he has given the go ahead to take out Sadr’s militia.

  3. Terrye says:

    Over at powerline they said Bush looked stiff and nervous, but I thought he just looked and sounded very serious.

    I did not listen to Durbin.

  4. kathie says:

    Could someone explain to me why the Dems want to build a 21st century military if they don’t want to use it in conflict.

  5. crosspatch says:

    Because a 20th century military would be useless if someone decided to engage in a conflict with us?

  6. For Enforcement says:

    The Dems DON’T want to build a 21st century military, they just want to PRETEND to be serious.

    I watched, the Pres didn’t look stiff and nervous, somebody’s eyes must’ve been calibrated differently than mine. He looked good and confident.
    Why would anyone even want to listen to Turban? er Durbin?

    The Pres did very well, if they go at Baghdad like Fallujah, it’ll be over in about 2 months.

    Wouldn’t that be disasterous for the Dems, they better hurry if they are gonna snatch defeat from the jaws of Victory.

    But, we haven’t heard from Jerry yet, I’m putting my sun shades on in anticipation of him dazzling us with his surrender plan.

    Go get em Jerr.

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  8. crosspatch says:

    The Dems certainly DO want a 21st century military and I will tell you why. They are cynical bastards. They are willing to force a defeat in Iraq with the complete understanding that it will result in a larger battle later resulting in even more death. But they will be in a position to place the blame for that battle on Bush and act as if they are going to come to the rescue of America and save us from the evil Islamofacists.

    See, they pull the plug on Iraq while at the same time building a larger military. They hit us again and bingo … off we go kicking things and taking names. This time with full media support and they emerge the great heros.

    So in other words, they are willing to throw away all that have died to date in Iraq and all those who will die in the future for political gain because in their cold calculations it will still probably be fewer dead than a flu season or two (flu kills about 35,000 Americans a year).

  9. lurker9876 says:

    Because the Democrats want to hand our military over to United Nations?

    Well, we need to hold those places until the majority of the insurgents are wiped out. What are we doing about the borders of Iran and Syria?

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  11. Bill's Bites says:


    Watching FOX’s live feed, reading along on Drudge (H/T: Allahpundit). Seems to be sticking with the script pretty well, not doing a bad job on delivery. Says the rules have changed; I hope that’s really true. … In these dangerous…

  12. Terrye says:


    yeah, but if they are not careful it might be them that gets blamed. And I don’t think the lefties are going to let them get away with that anyway. After all Mother Sheehan said this country had never been worth fighting for and I am sure she believes that. Baltimore in ashes would not change her mind. In fact they have done such a good job with their constant paranoia and kvetching that no doubt such an attack would be seen as a plot by the Zionists or Republicans.

  13. kathie says:

    There is a list of 6 of so Republicans that do not support the surge. The Dem plan is to get more Republicans to not support the plan on the vote next week, humiliate the pres. and then defund the war. I hope this address will change some minds, like Brownback, Snow, Hagel, and a few others. The Dems want 10 to denounce the plan and it will be all over. God help us!

  14. For Enforcement says:

    No Kathie, it takes 67 to override a veto

  15. jerry says:

    Final card… hmm, maybe it’s a joker… wouldn’t want to deal with that situation, no way, I’m a noble Decider… I could put it all off until someone else is in charge… yeah, I didn’t quit, I’m for Victory, I did all I could (after doing nothing much at all)… I’m a War President, that’s what I’m talking about… get me that pilot uniform again, I need a fix… it’s hard, being President, not like before, when I was Govenor… and the people in DC, evil evil evil, how does anything get done… I’ve got to ask Dick about that, never did figure it out… where was I… yeah, those Iraqis have to Stand Up, do they know how to do that?… these cultural differences, wow… people are So Different… I had No Idea… it’s not like Texas you know, the ranches really aren’t the same… no quail, Dick hates ’em for not having quail… me, I just need… what exactly do I need?… Laura!, what do I need…….

  16. Barbara says:


    You have BDS bad. Maybe you should see the shrinks that discontented dems went to after W won in 2000. Do you know if they were cured? Nah.

  17. kathie says:

    I know Enforcement, it is a humiliation vote.

  18. For Enforcement says:

    To me, it would only be humiliating to the ones that vote that way.

    Barbara I second that on Jerry and BDS, worse case I’ve seen.

    totally off the deep end.

  19. crosspatch says:

    “but if they are not careful it might be them that gets blamed.”

    Exactly … it becomes Ted Kennedy’s Vietnam instead of George Bush’s Vietnam. When one person is actively aiming to win and the other actively aiming to lose it then just becomes which side has the most votes and right now the country is pretty evenly divided.

    It is my opinion that the swing voters who went Democrat in the last election just got what they wanted. They owe no further allegiance to the Democrats at this point.

  20. AJStrata says:

    Lieberman will defect to the Reps before he would let let the US run from Iraq. The dems are neutered.