Jan 10 2007

English Only

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I am for comprehensive immigration reform for reasons of seeing security a higher priority than over the top punishment. But there are obviously limits to what I will accept in America. Drudge is reporting on children kicked off their US School bus for speaking English. It is time to fire everyone involved and remind people this is America and we speak American English and that right is protected under our US Constitution! And I am serious. Fire everyone, including those who silently let this idiocy come into being as an established policy. You cannot restrict any American because the speak English in our own damn country. The immigration community needs to start getting its act together if it wants to be treated with respect (which I think a majority of it deserves). It is time to “live” in America, if you are going to work here.

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    I agree.

    And it’s time to get that US resolution on the desecration of the US flag passed.

    I don’t like that Democrats handing over the responsibilities of our Security to UN! Damn.

  2. crosspatch says:

    Actually, that headline is somewhat misleading. Evidently the school district changed the bus routes. The bus the kids had been using was changed to be a route for kids going to special schooling for Hmong immigrants but the parents weren’t notified. That the kids were speaking english told the driver that the kids had gotten on the wrong bus and they were told to get off.

    It is a story designed to push emotional buttons. The driver was wrong for kicking the kids off the bus but he had no idea the parents hadn’t been notified of the change.

  3. Barbara says:

    That was evidently the only bus on that particular route. Otherwise the children could have found another bus to ride and their mother would not have had to leave work to pick them up. And they were told they could not ride this bus again and their parents were responsible for getting them back and forth to school. If a school bus for which these parents paid taxes will not pick up their children then the parents should sue the schools. And what right does a bus driver have to strand any child in this country? He was derelict in this duty when he did not inform the school about this issue. And the school was derelict in their duty in not providing a way back and forth for these children. If there is no other bus then they should be allowed to ride this one. I have noticed that education authorities have a rigid mindset and have let common sense fly out the window.

  4. crosspatch says:

    Yeah, well, it turns out (according to Fox) that the kids in question were not supposed to be riding that bus in any case because they moved outside the boundaries of that school’s bus transportation area. It appears that the parents had been driving the kids to the bus stop and dropping them off.

    In other words, there wasn’t a bus to the kids’ house anyway. They were not eligible for bus transportation.