Jul 15 2005

Plame Game Part Duex

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One of my first posts on this subject related my experiences growing up in McLean VA right outside the gates of Langley, and how badly people who worked at the CIA could hide that info from the community at large. Too many tell tales, too many loose lips, etc.

I have held this position for years and now, finally, the media is catching up to the truth about this story and the realities of living in NOVA and working at the CIA.

A former CIA covert agent who supervised Mrs. Plame early in her career yesterday took issue with her identification as an “undercover agent,” saying that she worked for more than five years at the agency’s headquarters in Langley and that most of her neighbors and friends knew that she was a CIA employee.

“She made no bones about the fact that she was an agency employee and her husband was a diplomat,” Fred Rustmann, a covert agent from 1966 to 1990, told The Washington Times.

“Her neighbors knew this, her friends knew this, his friends knew this. A lot of blame could be put on to central cover staff and the agency because they weren’t minding the store here. … The agency never changed her cover status.”

Mr. Rustmann, who spent 20 of his 24 years in the agency under “nonofficial cover” — also known as a NOC, the same status as the wife of Mr. Wilson — also said that she worked under extremely light cover.

In addition, Mrs. Plame hadn’t been out as an NOC since 1997, when she returned from her last assignment, married Mr. Wilson and had twins, USA Today reported yesterday.

And I still stand by my predictions you will see Plame and Wilsons the last ones to be dealt with regarding the leaking of classified data. Wilson is the only person out trying to spin public opinion right now with his liberal MSM cohorts.

Everyone else is either letting him have more rope or cannot talk (Plame was probably warned severely not to get out into the press again).

Latest round up of updates can be found at Michelle Malkin’s site.

Lori Byrd at Polipundit also has an excellent wrap up here.

Some other good angles at Right Wing Nut House (describing the soon to be shattered health of Left Wing Nut Krugman).

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  1. Here was my take on the story this morning, “To hear the left tell it she was a combination of ‘Jane’ Bond, Margaretha Geertruida Zelle (Mata Hari), and Rose O’Neal Greenhow. As more information comes to light it seems she is more a combination of Natasha Fatale and Jane Hathaway, and her ‘outing’ is roughly equivalent to outing Charlton Heston as a gun supporter.”

    It’s amazing just how far behind the curve TOM (The Old Media) and the rest of the left remain.

    The rest of my thoughts are