Dec 25 2006

English Channel Tunnel Possible Al Qaeda Target

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Well I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas day as much as we are. And thankfully, to the efforts of those who watch over us we have been safe from attack so far this holiday season. But I should note that warnings came out in the last few days regarding a possible Al Qaeda attack on the English Channel Tunnel. The warnings sound like they come from sources worth paying attention to and very specific in nature of time and place. I hope these predictions do not come to pass and we can all continue to enjoy our Holidays

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  1. Barbara says:

    You have to wonder about the mindset of the British government. They thought the leaders of the July 7 bombings were just trying to raise money for terrorists not training to be terrorists. They should have investigated them anyway because raising money is just as important if not more important than training terrorists. If they had a lick of sense they would deport every known radical before they commit their crimes. Maybe someday these Europeans will get serious about the war on terror.

    One of these leaders were banned from flying into the US in 2003. Since the terrorist banned list if now illegal, does this mean guys of this stripe can now fly here with no opposition? Wonderful. I hope these “private organzations” are happy now that terrorists can come here and do their stuff. This guy wanted to arrange bombings of Jewish synagogues here in the US with extremists already here.

    Also, the book said that phone conversationa and e-mail from the US alerted the British of the July bombings. And the dems want to ban this protection also. Some people will do anything to get back into power. That’s all it is. If Bush is for it, the dems are against it.